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What is the Neuroband?

The Neuroband™ is a neurofeedback device that allows customized adjustment and placement of electrodes in an electrode holder (pocket) without the use of conductive paste.
Dr. Diane has developed the Neuroband™, a neurofeedback headband that can be used to achieve optimum Neurofeedback, Discovery 24-Channel, Z-Score training, Othmer, LENS and various Assessments: QEEG, Mini-Q and Q Assessment.

This is the only headband of its type on the market. Unlike other types of headbands that do not allow for the precise placement of the electrodes, Dr. Diane’s Neuroband is precise.

Key Features of the Neuroband

  • Ease of use: no parting the hair, no neuroprep needed, no need for alcohol clean up
  • Comfortable to those with skin or head sensitivities
  • One size fits all (fully adjustable)
  • Lightweight strapping with Velcro and highest quality English Chamois/felt lead pockets
  • Clean – fully re-usable: Easy to wash. No sticky paste to clean out of electrodes.
  • Applied with a saline solution rather than Neuro-paste
  • Can be applied in one minute or less and removed in seconds

Why Use the Neuroband?

Traditionally, neurofeedback, EEG and QEEG are done with skin prepping gel, and a conductive paste or gel. Removal often entails using alcohol and other products. For individuals with sensitivity to touch or pressure, such as someone who has had a brain injury or brain surgery, this can often be extremely uncomfortable. The Electrocap, used for EEG or QEEG, is a stretchy cap that is very confining to individuals dealing with autism, and the pressure may cause pain to people with fibromyalgia, brain surgery, chronic pain and brain injury.

Clinical trials using the Neuroband™ EEG version are currently being done at the EEG and Seizure Unit of Brigham Women’s Hospital, Boston MA.

Neuroband Testimonials

Neuroband Testimonials

We have used Dr. Stoler’s Neuroband with great success for 6+ years. It is SOOO much faster than electrode paste and quickly gives a very low impedance connection. We use it with both gold electrodes for z-score and sintered silver electrodes for ISF training. To part the hair better under the pad once attached to the patient, we slide either a chopstick or a q-tip moistened with ElectroMist; this ensures an even better connection. The teenage guys especially prefer the Neuroband because they fear crossing the path of Miss America when they leave here with paste residue on their scalp. A scientist at the CDC in Atlanta asserted that the salinity level is so high in the electrolyte solution that no virus or bacteria would thrive. When we explain that, most patients don’t wince one bit to use the Neuroband directly after the previous person. When the rare person wants their own Neuroband and pads, they buy it and we keep it segregated in a plastic bag. We saved in time the cost of the Neuroband the very first day we used it.

-Paul & Larry, Discovery Learning Associates, Cambridge MA

No paste to put on and therefore, no paste to clean up is a major advantage to using Dr. Diane’s Neuroband. My son has a traumatic brain injury and we do daily neurofeedback sessions at home, as well as having done remote sessions with Dr. Diane in the past. With similar clarity of frequency, and no clean-up required I think home and remote trainers will be very pleased with using Dr. Diane’s Neuroband.

-Melinda, IL

My son has a traumatic brain injury. We are doing the neurofeedback training with Dr. Diane® at home and it is very easy with Dr. Diane’s Neuroband™. It makes the process effortless and comfortable, without the messy paste and cleanup after. And the clarity of frequency is comparable. I would highly recommend any home user doing remote training to try it. It’s a great product!

-Monte Bransfield, MA

Diane, All that I can say is WOW! What a great product! I received the Neuroband yesterday and tried it on myself to see how it worked. I was thoroughly impressed with it for two reasons:

  1. When I do my own neurofeedback, I noticed that the sensors tend to loosen their grip from start to finish due to my hair being so thick despite using copious amounts of the Ten20 paste. After processing, I typically need to push the sensors back into my scalp just to ensure good reading between the pre and post baseline recordings. This makes me wonder how effective any system would be when running into that type of an issue. With the Neuroband, I created the saline solution, soaked the pockets, hooked myself up and I was off to the races with no concern about losing sensor connection quality. What a dream come true!
  2. There was no post-processing clean-up which was a big concern as I’d like to work with multiple clients and was concerned about the sanitary issue and sending people out with “There’s Something About Mary” hair.

I used the neuroband on my first client this morning and I noticed that his processing was much smoother also and there was no degradation between the connection status from pre to post baseline testing. I do not know how you came up with this idea but am most grateful that you did!

-Tammy Whiteside

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