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Chronic Illness Testimonials

My name is Gail, a 59 year old Mito patient of Dr. Mark Korson. I was originally diagnosed and being treated for Multiple Sclerosis until I developed Myoclonus. I was then sent to Dr. Shoffner in Atlanta by my neurologist where I was then diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease Complex I & III.

The diagnoses process took approximately 5 years. My symptoms which all looked like Multiple Sclerosis began in 2002. For a long period, I was being treated with pain medication for my muscle pain, nerve pain, burning, numbness, migraines etc. I was also on medication for high blood pressure and my myoclonus. After being diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, I finally found Dr. Korson in Boston where I began to get the proper help and direction for the supplements I needed to be taking and suggestions for managing my energy and disease. During this time I had to give up driving for 3 years because my myoclonus was so bad and I was using a cane due to balance issues and weakness.

By chance, I met a wonderful woman while walking the beach on the North Shore. She approached my sister and I as we were collecting shells. We were both walking with canes. She introduced herself and during our conversation asked us what health problems we were having. We told her and she said I can help you, told us her name and said feel free to contact me. Months went by and I decided to call her. Her name is Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler. She is a Neuropsychologist. We started with using neurofeedback to help with my pain, anxiety, sleep and myoclonus. She also used hypnosis to help with pain. It took close to a month using neurofeedback twice a week to start seeing a change. I continued feeling better and after some time my pain and myoclonus had improved so I was able to start driving again. Dr. Diane gave me tools to use I never knew existed – something for depression, anxiety and sleep. Today, through her treatments, coaching, support and teaching, I’ve learned to use hypnosis, meditation, forms of energy medicine and Reiki to help manage my disease. Today I no longer need any pain medications or Blood Pressure medication which I had been taking for years, nor do I need to use a cane . I rarely have pain and have rare episodes of myoclonus, and my balance is good. Dr. Diane not only introduced, treated and coached me with all of these tools along with her team, she also took the time to research what foods were best for my mitochondria as well as what to stay away from to help with my energy.

I know that I have to be disciplined and use all of my tools on a regular basis or I will revert to where I was several years ago. It feels great to be off the medications which cause side effects.

I believe Dr. Diane has so much to share that could help other health professionals and anyone with any type of Chronic Illness. She treats the Mind, Body and Spirit and can show how both Conventional, Complementary and Alternative methods can work together. I’m sharing this because Dr. Diane has been my Earth Angel and I want others to have the same knowledge and opportunities for a better quality of life.
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- Gail N

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