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Consultation Testimonials

Your support and experience has truly been a blessing to our family.
- Craig & Marti F.

– Craig & Marti F., New York

Your 5 tips for better health are very exciting. I always thought my diet played an active role on how I have felt. I certainly will up my protein and eliminate many of the carbs and alcohol….
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- Dave V.

I had contacted Dr. Diane because I had a mild TBI in October 2009 and then had post concussion syndrome as a result. I had great difficulty with my balance and vision and experienced all the other symptoms that go along with these two diagnoses. I hit my head eight more times in a short period of time because I wasn’t seeing things as they are and my balance was off.

I cannot thank Dr. Diane enough, and I mean that with my whole heart and soul. The 90-minute phone consult she gave me has changed my life. It was like she had known me for years, and knew the solution to my symptoms and difficulties and was happy to share them with me. I felt much less brain fog from the change in my diet, and I was also able to be safer because I was more aware of what was around me. Her expertise, knowledge, compassion, and caring attitude has given me relief since my TBI. She helped me to function easier in life, and gave me the tools and resources which are assisting my body, mind, and spirit in further healing and enriching my quality of life.
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- Dawn L.

It has been a difficult journey for me since I suffered a concussion. Within a year of my injury my husband died; I lost my job; the LT disability used the vulnerabilities from my injury to exploit my future, and I received little guidance from my doctors. Then I found Dr Diane searching the Internet. After reading her book I knew what I was experiencing was real and I also knew there were treatments for me. Dr. Diane used her own experiences to develop strategies to treat TBI and PCS. So I personally consulted with Dr. Diane and she not only validated my symptoms, explained the anatomy behind my injury, but she also devised a treatment plan. Using her plan I set out to get the appropriate treatment in my geographical area because I had nobody to help me drive great distances and finances were a factor. This is when I learned that practitioners do not understand as much about head injuries as they claim or they were more concerned with payment than success. If I did not have Dr. Diane to verify what tests and methods are legally and medically appropriate and to keep finding me alternate professionals that are knowledgeable with my given problems I would truly be lost navigating my path for treatment. It is hard enough trying to live day to day by myself given my deficits. Only with Dr. Diane’s help have I been able to continue to pursue better health. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me and everyone suffering from TBI or PCS and for all the medical knowledge she has acquired and shared with all.
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- Betsy Bray

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