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Hypnosis Testimonials

Tom has been a patient of Dr. Diane’s for over four years now. He had palate cancer, which was treated with radiation, which, as he puts it, “scrambled his brain.” He also developed a fistula inside his mouth, which took multiple surgeries to correct, and caused him to develop a very serious sinus infection. In the final and most recent surgery, they removed a part of his cheek to use as a graft to repair his gums.
Throughout the whole process, Dr. Diane has been treating him with a cold laser on his facial scar, as well as neurofeedback and hypnosis. This has resulted in the minimizing of his scar (see pictured). But more importantly, Dr. Diane has given a great amount of emotional and mental support.

“I don’t really think medicine always hits all the nails it’s supposed to,” He says. “Yes you also need the hand of medicine to redirect and to slice and to do some repair work… But for the most part, I really think that once the cancer was removed, the healing portion belonged to the Doctor. She showed me how to heal myself.”
Before his medical issues, Tom worked in the construction industry, hopping from site to site. Now, he’s a very different person, but Dr. Diane has helped him with that transition.

“I’m not the same person I was before, and I won’t get back to the same level I was at, but that’s okay,” He says. “The trick is, you have to consume it instead of having it consume you.” While his treatments did help him manage his physical pain, he also says that Dr. Diane helped him heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
– Tom
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An 86-year-old man who had a severe case of shingles (Neuralgia) on his scalp, which continued down to his left eye, came into my office. He has been to numerous doctors for over six months, and nothing was helping, including medication. He was in severe pain from zero-ten; he stated ten and that it was burning. The doctors proposed many experimental drugs; however, with his age and allergies, the doctors were concerned about the side effects.
Thus, they referred him to me based on my expertise in hypnosis and having been published in the field.

My method of practice is a teaching/coaching one. Also, I have developed a 5 Prong Approach. As with every patient, I review their medical history, present an in-depth review of hypnosis, then create a customized script based on the person’s most pleasurable experience.

The 86-year-old loved the ocean and was an ex-auto mechanic. Based on that, we developed his customized script. After ten visits, his shingles were gone, totally disappeared.

– Shingles
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