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The Effects of Arsenic & Heavy Metals on Your Body and Mood

by | Mar 2, 2010 | Brain Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Personal Experiences, Practical Suggestions | 3 comments

Did you know that arsenic & heavy metals can affect your body and mood?

Over a month ago, I was having joint pains and was examined by my nutritional educator, Dr. Martha Lindsay, only to be diagnosed with heavy metals in my system, especially silver.   I have well water and my property abuts an abandoned silver mine.   Now, two days after being diagnosed, the pump on my well stopped working.  When the plumber brought  up the pump is was totally rusted away.  I had bought this new pump only 6 years ago and this was the 3rd pump in the last 30 years.  Both of the previous two pumps were destroyed by either excessive salt from the salting of the nearby roads or heavy metals.

Recently, I had symptoms of despair and fatigue.  Since I cope fairly well and am not prone to bouts of depression, the feelings of despair were atypical for me.  I showed no signs of depression, i.e. slept well, ate well, had good energy, energy was fine, except when in these bouts.  Knowing that this was not usual for me, I started investigating what could be causing these symptoms.  Also, I noticed the symptom of excessive thirst.   Now this all makes sense knowing the ending of the story, although I did question if I was having signs of diabetes, yet the mood didn’t make sense.

Two weeks ago, I presented the entire package to my nutritional educator and she discovered that I had arsenic toxicity in my body.  I was immediately put on a nutritional regimen for getting the heavy metal and arsenic out of my body.  I am feeling much better and all of the symptoms are now gone. I’m now more of an expert in the effects of arsenic.

In addition, I am going to see my primary care physician and have my blood tested, along with having my well water tested again.  It is important to check everything out.  The moral to this blog is that in this world where everyone is explaining every symptom with being psychological…stress or depressed, often environmental factors are affecting your mood and need to be evaluated before going on an anti-depressant or other mood medication.


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