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21 Dec Brain Injury & Stroke- Amusement Rides causes further brain damage

I was recently in Orlando, FL for a family gathering and we went to one of the major Amusement Parks.   They have notices for fear of heights, fear of fog, effect of strobe lights, along with caution for neck and back injuries.   What was missing was notices that if you had a concussion, tbi or stroke, being on almost 90% of the rides that have acceleration/deceleration can cause further brain damage.   Thus,  I’ve written a recommendation that such a notice needs to be included.   I hope someone take stock of this.  I did avoid those rides and did enjoy the time with the family.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays.

  • Alane Lavelle
    Posted at 17:21h, 02 January Reply

    Question for you. My husband had a stroke in March of 2016 and we have a vacation planned (paid for prior to his stroke) for April of this year to one of the major amusement parks in Orlando. You say 90% of the rides, I understand roller coasters etc., but can you elaborate on what type of rides you feel are dangerous? I want to start planning and don’t want to even put certain things on the radar that would cause issues for my husband.

    • Karen Campbell
      Posted at 12:31h, 18 January Reply

      Hi Ms. Lavelle, I think it would be best to talk one-on-one. Please email me or schedule a consult to discuss how I can help your husband. There is a Way!

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