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Brain Tumor Awareness: Update on my Meningioma

by | May 19, 2014 | Personal Experiences | 1 comment

Just in time for Brain Tumor Awareness Month, I have a (positive) update on my own brain tumor (meningioma). In 2008 after an auto accident, I had a routine MRI. I was told I had another concussion and also had a brain tumor, meningioma, in my left frontal area of my brain. Hearing the news, I was extremely upset. Immediately, I went to the neurosurgeon who did my previous brain surgery. He said the tumor was small and would be slow growing. He also told me I would have to have a yearly MRI to keep watch of its growth.

Then in October 2013, my MRI showed that my meningioma had doubled in sized. I knew that my tumor was benign and not cancerous, but what did this mean?

I proceeded to meet with the top 4 neurosurgeons in the Boston area. Each agreed that the Brain Tumor had grown. Each recommended I sit and wait for 6 months to see if the tumor would grow or not. Each said if I had symptoms of seizures or headaches, I would have to have brain surgery. Each had said if it does grow, I might have to have brain surgery. So for the past 6 months, I was not going to just sit back and wait. No, for the past 6 months I’ve drank Essiac Tea three times a day, used an imprinter, hypnosis, Neurofeedback and Reiki and followed a non-inflammatory diet.

On May 3rd I had another MRI and on May 12th I met with my neurosurgeon, who said the tumor had not grown and it looked okay. She was very pleased and said we will repeat the MRI in 9 months, unless I had any symptoms of seizure or headache. Upon leaving her office, I made my next appointment with her for mid-March 2015 and did a happy dance all the way down the hall.

If you or a loved one has a meningioma, myself and my team of experts can work with them using an integrative approach. There is always hope! Please call our office at 978.352.6349, or submit a consultation form.


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