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12 Jan Resources for Your Brain Injury, Concussion and Stroke

Over the past year, I’ve been a member of countless support groups on various social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. One of the most notable factors amongst these groups is that people are searching and seeking answers to help them regain their...

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Brain Injury Awareness Month sticker


Did you know March is Brain Injury Awareness Month? Brain injuries and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are more common than you may realize. Many people have experienced a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury resulting from a car accident or sports injury, and do not even...

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03 Dec Concussion: Still Struggling?

If you're still struggling with symptoms from a concussion this holiday season, there is help.   Have you or a loved one suffered a concussion? If so, are you or your loved one still struggling with the symptoms from that concussion, also known as Post Concussion Syndrome...

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Feeling sad? Thoughts of suicidel? Contact Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed. D. for help. There is a Way!

23 Apr Suicide Alert: Spring Can be Deadly

Suicide - A Leading Cause of Death in the US, and on the Rise [vc_separator type='transparent' position='center' color='' thickness='' up='10' down='10']According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suicide rates in the U.S. have risen nearly 30% since 1999. Nearly half of people who died by suicide had...

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