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If you’re still struggling with symptoms from a concussion this holiday season, there is help.

Have you or a loved one suffered a concussion? If so, are you or your loved one still struggling with the symptoms from that concussion, also known as Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)?

Symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome include:


  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Hearing Problems
  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Dizziness
  • Nightmares/Flashbacks
  • Nausea and Vomiting


  • Falling Asleep Unexpectedly
  • Hand or Leg Tremors
  • Sensitivity to Light or Sound
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Loss of Sex Drive
  • Gait Imbalance
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Loss of Taste and Smell

Behavioral Issues

  • Confrontational Attitude
  • Explosive Temper
  • Fearfulness
  • Overly Talkative
  • Impatience
  • Thoughtlessness
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Lacking Concept of Time

Cognitive Issues

  • Distractibility
  • Disorientation
  • Temporary Amnesia
  • Problems with Speaking
  • Poor Judgment
  • Slow Thinking
  • Inability to focus Attention
  • Not Remembering what you Heard
  • Word Finding Problems
  • Feeling of Confusion
  • Long or Short Term Memory Problems

Emotional Issues

  • Depression
  • Agitation
  • Apathy
  • Irritability
  • Fear of “Going Crazy”
  • Frustration or Anger
  • Guilt or Shame
  • Feeling of Helplessness
  • Anxiety

Repetitive injury to the brain in not a simple matter. Once you’ve had a concussion, the next one doesn’t simply inflict the same amount of trauma on the brain again, but multiplies the effects of the first one. The risk of more serious brain injury is even higher if a second concussion is sustained before the first one is completely healed. Symptoms become much worse with each successive concussion, causing more and more damage to a already injured nervous system. I know this firsthand; I have suffered several concussions, and each subsequent one was increasingly debilitating.

Going Beyond “Conventional Wisdom”

As many people who have experienced concussions have done, I sought out and met with many different doctors for help. Each time, I tried the rest and medication they suggested. After four years, when I still showed no improvement, the doctors told me I was permanently brain damaged. No one offered me the various treatments we know about today. But if you are reading this blog now, and find you are still struggling with your symptoms, I can offer you help and hope. In my book, I offer the solutions I used to regain my life, as well as a host of other proven treatment options that might be right for you. There is a Way!® The program I have developed is something I call Catalysts of Change SM . In Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide to Living with the Challenges Associated with Post Concussion Syndrome and Brain Trauma, my co-author Barbara Algers Hill and I provide a step-by-step understanding of each post-concussion symptom and how it is diagnosed, as well as a real life story related to that symptom. Finally, we offer various methods to help you overcome it.

An Integrated Selection of Approaches

For each symptom, we offer three specific approaches that have been proven to work in reducing or eliminating the symptom. Some may prefer more traditional medical model, which I term “Conventional Approaches.” This type of method can usually be covered by some form of insurance. The next category of method is called “Complementary Approaches.” This category includes methods that may or may not be covered by insurance, and that works with or supports conventional approaches. Oftentimes, people have side effects from conventional concussion treatment methods that they do not have using complementary approaches. The final category is “Alternative Approaches.” Alternative Approaches are not covered by insurance. But each Alternative Approach suggested for each specific symptoms has been shown effective for that symptom. You can choose a combination of Conventional, Complementary and Alternative Approaches for each of your specific symptoms. Finally, each chapter contains practical suggestions to help you work to manage your symptoms in the interim. Neither my co-author nor I claim to be experts on all of the various symptoms and approaches presented in our book. Because of this, we made sure to have each of the Conventional, Complimentary, and Alternative Approaches, as well as the practical suggestions we offer, vetted by experts in the corresponding fields. The names of these experts can be found in the acknowledgments section of the book. Our book is the only book on this topic on the shelf right now that has taken the time to have several leading authorities in each respective field read and approve the contents of the book. No other book on the market provides this much in-depth and accurate information. In addition, we used a higher standard of quality control of the information than any other book on this subject. Susan H. Connors, the current President and CEO, Brain Injury Association of America, said the following of our book: “Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury is a long awaited prescription for the millions who have experienced a so-called mild TBI and for their families and care providers. Incorporating detailed information, practical suggestions and personal insight, Dr. Stoler has compiled a must-have encyclopedia for managing life after concussion.” If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion from a fall, an automobile accident, a sports injury, a blast injury, or another kind of head trauma, and you are still suffering from symptoms, consider giving the gift that will continue to give each and every day: help your loved one regain his or her life again.


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If you purchase this book during the holiday season and find that it helps you, another special offer is available. You will receive 25% discount off a personalized one on one Brain Health Consult. Please contact our office at 800-500-9971 to schedule an appointment during the month of January 2016.


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