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Vitamin C and A, in addition to the numerous carotenoids found in mangos, aid in maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. The fiber in mangos is also great for digestion, containing enzymes that break down protein. Research shows that mangos also contain quercetin, isoquercitrin, and other antioxidant compounds that protect against colon, breast and prostate cancers, as well as leukemia.

Although this ingredient has stolen the spotlight in several earlier posts, I can’t help but keep throwing back it into my recipes. Curry contains two essential ingredients- turmeric and curcumin- which are both fantastic for your brain. Turmeric prevents the production of damaging proteins and pushes antioxidants through your body, shielding your brain from disease and destruction of nerve cells. Meanwhile, research shows that curcumin, a part of turmeric, has antitumor, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Some research also shows that this ingredient counteracts cognitive impairment caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Whether you have a concussion or not, this week’s recipe has big health benefits for everyone. Need to whip up something healthy and delicious… and fast? Perfect! This curried mango chicken will be hot and ready in just 35 minutes!


Curried Mango Chicken

Course: Lunch, Main Dish
Cuisine: Indian


  • 2 lbs skinless, boneless chicken breasts cut into bite sized pieces
  • 1.5 tsp olive oil
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic minced
  • 3 tbsp curry paste
  • 1/2 cup chutney
  • 1 28 oz can diced tomatoes drained


  • Pour the olive oil into a skillet over medium-high heat; cook the onion and garlic in the oil until the onions are translucent, 2 to 3 minutes; add the chicken and cook about 30 seconds while stirring. Stir in the curry paste until the chicken is evenly coated. Pour the chutney and tomatoes into the pan; continue to cook until the chicken breasts are no longer pink in the center and the juices run clear, about 10 minutes.

Looking for more brain friendly recipes? Check out our brain health recipes, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Diane® for personal help customizing your diet for your symptoms!


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