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Discussing Memory in My New Book

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The most common and persistent symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) are memory issues. Damage to any part of our complex memory system can cause problems with our ability to categorize, link and recall thoughts and experiences. After a brain injury or concussion, some individuals may be unable to recall events, while others may struggle with retaining new information. My new book, Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury contains an in-depth chapter on the topic of memory issues following concussions. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 19, Memory Problems:

Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain InjuryTime often heals memory loss, and what you eat can also affect your ability to store and retrieve information. It is extremely important to have an anti-inflammatory diet that allows the brain to heal, eliminating refined sugar, corn syrup, and any grains that can be fermented or distilled. An increase in omega-3 from wild sockeye salmon and tuna is beneficial. Spinach and other vegetables rich in antioxidants help improve your memory. Coconut, olive oil, and avocado are good sources of fats that help the brain heal and enhance your storage and retrieval capabilities. Drinking water helps the brain, too.” –Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury


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