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Elderberry Syrup – a Natural Remedy to fight the Flu

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Alternative Treatments, Nutrition, Personal Experiences | 7 comments

Fight the flu naturally with Elderberry Syrup!

Eight years ago, there was a shortage of Flu shots and Tamiflu. Because of the shortage, there was a medical doctor recommending Elderberry Syrup for prevention of the flu on every national television network.  Of course, my first reaction was skepticism. The flu is a powerful sickness that hits us all with force: could a natural remedy really be a good solution in preventing this nasty ailment? Although I was skeptical, I really did not want to get the flu, so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to try the Elderberry syrup to fight the flu.

Are All Elderberries Created Equal?

So, I bought a bottle of elderberry syrup from Maine Medicinals.  It contains certified Organic Elderberries, Elderflowers and wild Maine Blueberries to provide overall immune system health. I took it, and, low and behold, I didn’t have any flu –like symptoms.  This made me a happy camper. Once I ran out of the bottle of Maine Medicinals’ Elderberry Syrup, I decided to try a different brand to see if the elderberries really were as good as they seemed. So, I bought my next bottle of Elderberry syrup from Honey Garden.  Both brands have organic elderberries, yet the Honey Garden also contains apple cider vinegar, raw honey, propolis, and organic echinacea. All contained conveniently in one bottle! I continued to be happily symptom-free.

Elderberries as Natural Medicine

Elderberries are mainly used as a natural medicine to boost the immune system. Because of its high concentration of antioxidants, elderberries have been shown to lower cholesterol, improve vision, and boost the immune system.  It seems that the elderberry fruit is effective in fighting against certain viruses including the flu, H1N1 (swine flu), and even HIV/AIDS.  It has also been shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms of sinus pain, back and leg pain, sciatica, nerve pain, and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as seasonal allergies.

Elderberries Good For More Than The Flu?

Now, I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I have Lyme Disease, along with food and seasonal allergies. After experiencing how effective the elderberry syrup had been in preventing the flu, I wondered if it could also be effective in treating my Lyme disease and allergies.  Realizing that the two products had different properties, I decided to try both products in unison. Therefore I began taking a teaspoon of both products each day, and discovered that I no longer had any symptoms of seasonal allergies or Lyme disease. In fact, the results were so powerful that when I had my yearly checkup with my allergist last month, she was shocked to see my complete absence of allergy symptoms.

Seeing how effective the combination of the two brands of Elderberry syrup was, I decided not to get a flu shot last year, because, as it turns out, every time I did, I came down with the flu. Here, however, in the Elderberry syrup, I found a combination that was really and truly working for me. Now, I can’t remember the last time I was sick, let alone the last time I had to take time off from work.  Thus, after realizing all that it can do for my health, I’ve continued taking the two products.

My Personal Experience with Elderberries

I’ve loved using the Elderberry syrup, and have shared it with friends and coworkers whenever relevant.  Recently, our massage therapist, Wendy, was ill with lots of flu -like symptoms, so naturally I told her about the wonderful combination of the two Elderberry syrups.  Needless to say, she took it and two days later was back to her normal, healthy self and feeling great. Another person who I’ve shared my experience with the syrup is Kimberly, who maintains my office. Kimberly was to scheduled to have a sleep study, but unfortunately, three days before the study, she started experiencing  flu-like symptoms.  She took the Elderberry syrup, and in a day, all of her symptoms were gone.

So, after two years of continued use of Elderberry syrup (about a tablespoon each time I take it), I’ve had no illness, no symptoms of my Lyme Disease, and no symptoms of any allergies.  I’ve been a truly happy camper. As a testament to how truly effective this syrup is, this past Monday, I had an extremely bad sore throat.  Now, this is not completely out of the blue since I’ve been going through some major changes and stressors, along with one of our staff members came to work with a severe sore throat. By the time Tuesday rolled around, I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I was shivering from low body temperature of 96 degrees and had a terrible headache.  Also, I noticed many of my symptoms from my concussion were present here as well.  I was having problems speaking, remembering, and word finding.  My gait was off and I had extreme brain fog and physical exhaustion.  I found it difficult to walk up the stairs. My symptoms were severe enough that I had to cancel almost all my morning and afternoon patients.

How Elderberries Have Improved My Health

Meanwhile, I was reading the label on the Maine Medicinals Elderberry syrup bottle and noticed that it stated that for intensive treatment you can take it up to 4 times a day.  Thus, I took both products 4 times …morning….lunch…dinner and bedtime.  The next morning, I woke up completely cured of all of my flu-like symptoms.  I felt great, and had absolutely no symptoms of any kind.  My brain fog was gone, my energy was back full-steam and I was ready to tackle my 12 hour work-day.

Knowing that flu season is just around the corner, I wanted to share this with you.   I sure hope it will help you as it has me.  There is a Way!™


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