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Feverfew For MigrainesA few weeks ago, my assistant felt a migraine coming on. A feverfew supplement was my suggestion to her, and it worked! Now she would like to share her experience with all of you.

“As I was sitting at my desk a few weeks back, I started seeing flickering lights and spots. Whenever this happens, I know I have a serious migraine approaching. I asked Dr. Diane if she knew of anything that could prevent this, as it was making for a very unproductive and frustrating morning. She proceeded to give me feverfew, which of course I hadnever heard of. Within 10 minutes, of taking two feverfew supplements, the spots were gone and no migraine ever came, I was absolutely shocked. Dr. Diane showed me what exactly feverfew was in her book of herbs. The herb is traditionally used to treat migraines. It is little tips like this that make a big difference. If you have problem, I can guarantee you that Diane has an answer. And if by some chance she doesn’t she will find you someone who does.”

I do not endorse the use of feverfew. Always talk with your doctor before using any new products.


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