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Any cooking fans out there watch Bitchin’ Kitchen? If not, no worries. Nadia G can keep anyone entertained! Check out this blog post from the show’s website,, and see what foods can help you eat your way to a better mood. This is great for anyone with PTSD or depression. If you won’t take it from me, than maybe you’ll listen to Nadia G!

Foods that up your mood

“Being down is normal. Sometimes. This temporary state of depression brings with it the desire to inflict more pain and punishment on oneself; so it’s important to do the complete opposite of what depression wants. While some people would have gone for a day of self loathing and the occasional meltdown, you’re going to get your cute butt out of the house and fight the good fight against hormones, chemical imbalances, and your mind’s sick way of dealing with a lack of neurotransmitters! Try to stay away from the Prozac. Instead, eat your way to a better mood. It’s not about chowing down on junk food to ease your feelings of emptiness, it about nourishing your body, brain, and snapping the hell out of it!” -Nadia G


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Dr. Diane is a catalyst for change

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Within each person shines an inner light that illuminates our path and is the source of hope. Illness, trauma, suffering and grief can diminish the light and shroud hope. I am a catalyst for hope and change, offering a way to rekindle this inner light.

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