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Do you want relief without medication?

Treating stress with the CES Ultra


CES gently adds energy back to your brain, helping to return your brain to an optimal state before the stress occurred.
Treating depression with the CES Ultra


By helping your brain's electrical activity to function normally, CES helps your brain return to a pre-depression state of balance.
Treating anxiety with the CES Ultra


CES offers an effective drug-free way to end the vicious cycle of anxiety. It provides effective relief with none of the unpleasant side effects of prescription drugs.
Treating sleep problems with the CES Ultra


By allowing the brain to "reset" to its normal rhythms, CES creates a new and healthy habit for your sleeping patterns.

Here’s an FDA approved medical device that can help!

Get Relief from Stress, Anxiety and More with the CES Ultra!

Achieve Peace of Mind, Relaxation, and Restorative Sleep, Without the Use of Drugs!

CES therapy is simple, easy, and portable, and the CES Ultra is the most user-friendly CES device on the market.


Ready to feel your best, without the use of medications?




Why Choose the CES Ultra?


The CES Ultra is clinically proven to help individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. Using gentle CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation), it helps to normalize brain functioning, giving you peace of mind with little to no after effects.


The CES Ultra is non habit-forming, and is more cost-effective than medications, allowing you to feel your best without your body or your wallet having to suffer.


The CES Ultra is ideal for:

  • Relieving stress
  • Helping those with depression by
    re-balancing neurotransmitters without the harmful side effects of drugs
  • Providing relief from anxiety
  • Improving sleep for those suffering from insomnia


CES balances your brain’s chemistry, letting your body be at peace again. Many of our patients have reported feeling relief the first time they used the CES Ultra. And unlike drugs, Cranial Electrical Stimulation has no negative side effects, is non-addictive, and you can use it safely as often as you like.

Don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say!

“I work in a high-stress environment. My job has thrown my body-clock totally out of whack. I hadn’t been able to get
a good solid night’s sleep for many months. I don’t believe in taking sleeping pills, so when a friend
recommended that I try the CES Ultra, I was eager to do so. After only a few times using it while watching TV,
I noticed the effect almost immediately. It began to restore my sleep patterns back to normal….”

-Susan K.

Ready to feel and sleep better?