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Perplexed – How Best to Help?


Everyday I go on Facebook and see cries for help of “What to do” about some aspect as a result of a brain injury, be it TBI or Stroke.  Today, I read about a little boy and his mother wrote:

“My heart sank today as he swallowed his first ADHD pill….. He does have brain injury….. But they think also ADHD without the hyperactivity. I mean, if this is the answer to his short term memory loss and NOT the injury, then great….. Then why do I feel like I’m failing him? Any other parents of kids who actually are ADHD on medication, along with the TBI?”


I know what can help.  However, I need YOUR help and feedback.  I truly want to know how to get help to all those that need it!

Dr. Diane offers help and hope.

I’m a neuropsychologist and board certified health psychologist.  I am a survivor of multiple brain injuries from TBI, Stroke, and brain surgery.  I was told I was permanently brain damaged and that I would never walk or talk again.  Because of my background and my integrative practice I took recovery into my own hands and decided I would figure out how to regain my life again… and I did!  Also, I’ve been the caregiver to my son and my mother, both had TBI and my mother also had a stroke.

Since then, I’ve devoted my life to helping others with brain injury.  I spent over 6 years researching all methods, techniques for treating every symptom related to brain injury. Then I had the information validated by medical professionals in each of the specific areas. I have written 2 books on brain injury, the most recent is Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.   The president and CEO of the Brain Injury Association of American said my current book is “a must have encyclopedia for a meaningful life after a concussion”.

Here is my question… What have I done wrong that most people in this group have not yet referenced my book to get answers to almost all your questions?  What am I missing?  Is it because it is easier to just write and hope you get the correct answer?   I really want to know how I can help in a more productive way.  Please leave some feedback!

Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, is a complete reference guide.  You can read it cover to cover, or just read the chapter that is about your current symptom.  Every symptom has its own chapter (for example, headaches).  Each chapter describes the symptom, offers a story, and then describes the different methods (complete with traditional, complementary, and alternative treatment options) to treat the symptom.  You don’t have to read the entire book to get reliable medical answers to all your questions.

The book is filled with help and hope, and has been a life saver for so many readers and their loved ones.  I truly want to help everyone struggling.  I am offering 50% off my book for the next week.  Enter the code TBIF at checkout

Will this help?  Please, I sincerely want feedback on how I can best help!

Gratefully, Dr. Diane®


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Dr. Diane is a catalyst for change

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Within each person shines an inner light that illuminates our path and is the source of hope. Illness, trauma, suffering and grief can diminish the light and shroud hope. I am a catalyst for hope and change, offering a way to rekindle this inner light.

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