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In Light of Sheryl Crow’s Recent Health Discovery: A Meningioma

by | Jun 11, 2012 | Nutrition | 0 comments

It turns out that Sheryl Crow and I have something in common- a meningioma. For those of you who have never heard this term, a meningioma is in fact a brain tumor. Although the term “brain tumor” carries a negative connotation, this specific type of brain tumor is the most common, and more often not, completely harmless depending on where it is located in the brain. Any tumor is to be taken seriously and needs to be watched. If the tumor is in a location that is in the brain or can intrude, surgery maybe needed.

In my situation, my doctors said I will have long outlived my days on this earth before the meningioma in my frontal lobe could cause me any serious harm.  Yet, having said this, they still require that I have a yearly MRI to ensure that this is true.

Prior to going through menopause after my first TBI, I was advised to go on a soy diet.  At that time, I had numerous MRI’s and the meningioma was not there.  Only after the increase of soy intake did I find out that I had developed a meningioma.  In recent years there has been some research indicating that there is a link between soy intake and the development of meningiomas in post TBI patients.  With that knowledge in addition to my own experience, I now highly recommend the elimination of  all soy products in post-concussion and TBI patients.


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