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The Bellabee stress and sleep device is a wearable mental booster. It can reduce stress and tension, and help you fall asleep more easily



When I use Bellabee, will I see some sort of light, hear a sound or feel any sensations?

There are no lights, sounds or other sensations associated with its operation. Electromagnetic pulses cannot be seen, heard or felt. This is further evidence that Bellabee  is non-invasive, and it makes the experience of using it comfortable and easy, even on a daily basis. Plugged in, and with the app running, Bellabee  is working – the screen will dim, and the text will indicate that the device is functioning. The application is designed to tell you if there is a problem and if the product is not functioning.

How do I know that Bellabee is working?

Unless the application sends you a push notification “Connect your Bellabee device,” regardless of whether you already plugged Bellabee into a phone or a tablet, your device is working. The app is designed to tell you if it has stopped working, but it does not give you constant feedback that it is working—we wanted to make sure that Bellabee is so easy and comfortable to use, that you’ll almost forget that you’re using it. To include active notifications that it is “on” would be counterproductive to that. So not to worry: It’s working when it’s plugged in and the app is on, and the app will tell you if it has stopped working. Another thing to pay attention to is the timer, which is counting down time underneath the circle that says “stop.” As long as the timer is counting down, it is a further indication that it is operating correctly.

One more way to check if the application is working is to test it with headphones. Plug in your headphones, and start the application and you will hear magnetic impulses converted to sound. Plug in your Bellabee instead, and the pulses will become silent, converted into your therapeutic session.

Can I use Bellabee with a computer?

Bellabee is designed for use on a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). It is not recommended for use with a computer, as there may be some safety issues related to an excessive power output, whereas smartphone and tablet use has been tested as 100% safe.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet while I am using Bellabee?

The application works in the background, no matter what you are doing on your phone or tablet, even when your screen goes to “sleep.” The only exceptions are active calls and apps which use audio channel. The application is designed to pause when you have an incoming call and automatically resume when you end the call.

Can I use my Bellabee while driving?

We do not recommend using this device while driving, operating machinery, or during any activity in which stimulation can put you at risk for injury. Using it may not be a problem, but our device is just so new that it has yet to be tested in that field.

Can Bellabee Improve my Sleep?

It does! In sleep and deep relaxation, our brains function from 1 to 5 Hz. While we sleep, the frequency is low, as it is when we are relaxed. The starting frequency of “Improve Sleep Mode” is 5 Hz for 5 minutes, followed by 3.5 Hz for 5 minutes, followed by 2 Hz for 50 minutes. However you can adjust session length by editing the program settings in the app. You don’t need to wear the Bellabee all night. We would suggest one session before you climb into bed, and one once you are in bed with your eyes closed. The brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the rhythm that Bellabee produces. You can also combine it with the “Anti-Stress Mode”, before a round of “Improve Sleep Mode”. Every person is unique, and therefore reacts differently to pulses or other external influences.


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