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Overcome Stress and Anxiety!  Balance your Emotions, Optimize Performance, and Improve your Health!

emWave2® provides cues to help you synchronize your breathing to your heart rate, which ultimately syncopates these systems for improved well-being. This state of syncopation is called Coherence. There is a Way!

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How emWave2® Works

emWave2® is a portable and convenient way to reduce stress, balance emotions and increase performance. Used just a few minutes a day, this simple-to-use technology helps you transform feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration into more peace, ease and clarity to be at your best.

Learn to change your physiology through breathing and focusing on positive emotions. The emWave2® collects pulse data through a pulse sensor and translates the information from your heart rhythms into breathing guidelines to help you achieve syncopation between the heart, brain, and autonomic nervous system. This state of syncopation is called coherence and is a foundation for well-being and a healthy response to stress.

Features of emWave2®

  • Use emWave2® on the go as a portable training device and store your sessions for later review
  • Run a session while at your computer and watch your coherence through real–time charts
  • Store all session information on your computer for future comparison and review
  • Four challenge levels including a challenging Advanced User mode
  • Adjustable brightness of the LED displays and audio feedback
  • Make sessions entertaining with the coherence building tools


Benefits of emWave2®

  • Transforms the physiological response to stress and quickly re-balances mind, body and emotions
  • Empower behavior changes you want to make.
  • Be less reactive, think more clearly and make better decisions, especially under pressure.
  • Improve health, resilience, and well-being; maintain personal balance and avoid stress related burnout in chaotic and changing environments.


emWave2® Kit Includes:

  • Software CD
  • emWave2®, in Charcoal Gray or Silver Blue
  • Ear Sensor
  • emWave2 Practice Plan
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Charging / Connector Cable  (Optional USB Wall charger sold separately)


The emWave2 is an external tool that quickly teaches the user what the experience of coherence feels like internally, allowing one to cultivate that state of being at any time, on command. It is fun and has profound impacts. It has definitely served an important role in elevating the quality of my meditation sessions.

– Telf

I’ve been teaching calming strategies for years however results are based on how a person feels which is ok but with the monitor I can show them visually at the same time and it seems to help them really understand what is happening more.

– Tamati

Immediate actual feedback to help reduce my responses to stress. I can’t remove the stress, but I can change how I react to it and emWave2 teaches me how to best respond to everyday stress… and it’s FUN!

– Ali

I own three of these, one for my work use, for home, and a loaner, now at work. A sort of “Mindfulness Monitor”, this tool reminds me to breathe deeply and stay present. (I tend to stress out and not breathe when the pace gets intense) I wear a shop apron, and tuck one in the upper pocket, connected to my earlobe with the included pulse sensor. These units can be set to emit a periodic chime tone when I am “in the Zone” physiologically, and I have learned to keep “dinging” while working, turning wrenches in a busy factory. It’s a stress-buster, for me. I bought the loaner because curious co-workers asked me why I was “dinging” and wanted to try it. The unit comes with software, which adds a huge dimension to the training, by displaying a graphic plot of my heart data in real time, and/or a game which guides me into the “coherent” state by morphing an image. I use the Pro software at home in a morning practice. I like that my session data is saved, so progress can be tracked.

– Jed



Q: What is the emWave2®?
A: The emWave2® is a portable and non-invasive heart rate monitor that is able to measure subtle changes in your heart rhythms. This type of measurement is known as heart rate variability analysis (HRV.) HRV reflects the interaction between the heart, brain and nervous system, which are all directly linked to our emotional state. With this information, the emWave2® provides cues to help you synchronize your breathing to your heart rate, which ultimately syncopates these systems for improved well-being. This state of syncopation is called Coherence.

Q: How does the emWave2® work?
A: The emWave2® can sense your pulse through the finger or the earlobe. The sensors are non-invasive and cause no pain. They simply need contact with the skin to sense the pulse. When the emWave2® has information about your pulse, it begins to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV). This is the way your heart rate changes from moment to moment. While you may average 72 beats per minute by taking a pulse over time, the actual heart rate could be changing each moment, from 67 to 72 to 81. Once the HRV is known, the emWave2® uses lights to encourage a breath rate that is synchronized with your current heart rate. As the breath and the heart synchronize, the autonomic nervous system and the brain naturally follow.

Q: How does the ear sensor work?
A: The sensor uses a minute amount of infrared light to measure the speed of blood flow in the ear. The sensor sends this signal to the emWave2® unit where the inter-beat interval is calculated in milliseconds and then heart rate variability is plotted. The amount of infrared light used in the measuring process is extremely small, safe, and completely undetectable.

Q: What is Coherence?
A: Coherence is when your heart, brain, and autonomic nervous system are synchronized. When we experience stressful emotions such as tension, anxiety, irritation, or anger, our heart-rhythm and breathing pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, negatively affecting health, brain function, performance and sense of well-being. When we experience positive emotions such as appreciation, care, joy and love, your heart-rhythm pattern is more ordered and coherent. The amazing breakthrough of the emWave2® was to find that we can create coherence by intentionally using our breath, which results in more calm and positive feelings.

Q: What are the benefits of coherence? Will it help me feel less stressed?
A: Stress is a fact of life, a form of stimulation. Our response to it is what determines how we feel about an event. The emWave2® trains us to transform our stress response, as we learn to use stress as an encouragement to enter coherence and act from a place of calm readiness. Many of us are in a state of fight-or-flight through most of the day, which takes up a great deal of our energy. When we enter a state of coherence, we are encouraging the body to stop this exhausting cycle and use our energy more efficiently, resulting in feeling less stress and more calm. As you use the emWave2® you will naturally begin to use your breath to enter a state of coherence whenever you need to.

Q: What are some of the benefits I could expect from using the emWave and how much time does it take to see results?
A: Frequent users of the emWave2® report:

  •  stress reduction
  • increased energy and resilience
  • greater mental clarity for decision-making and creativity
  • enhanced emotional balance and improved listening ability
  • better, more restful sleep

Most people get into medium or high coherence within a few short sessions and feel a reduction in stress. Using the Quick Coherence® technique, which you learn from the Coherence Coach included in the Games section of the emWave2® program, is highly recommended as it accelerates the process of learning tools for stress management. Practicing stress management techniques is the key and results generally come quickly. Additionally, emWave2® includes four challenge levels so that as you practice you can continue to refine your ability to eliminate and counter the negative effects of stress.

Q: Is the breathing pattern ever uncomfortable?
A: Usually not. Generally the breathing pattern will feel relatively easy to execute. The emWave2® breathing pattern is never extreme.

Q: Can I use the emWave2® if I have poor circulation?
A: Yes. The finger sensor may not work very well, but the earlobe sensor will work just fine. There is no functional difference between the two sensors, it is just a matter of what works best for an individual.

Q: What are the minimum system requirements to run the emWave2® software program?
A: System Requirements for Mac:

  • Mac OS® X 10.7 Lion or newer operating system.
  • Recommend Core™2 Duo at 1.8GHz or faster processor
  • One available USB Port – Heart Math’s USB module sensor is required for Assessments
  • Internet connectivity required for Heart Cloud access

System Requirements for Windows:

  • Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • 1.8 GHz or faster processor recommend Intel® Core™2 Duo at 2.0GHz or faster
  • 2 GB RAM – recommended 4GB or more
  • One available USB Port – Heart Math’s USB module sensor is required for Assessments
  • Internet connectivity required for Heart Cloud access

Q: How is the emWave2® different from a heart rate monitor?
A: The emWave2® is very different from devices that simply measure heart rate. The emWave2® analyzes your heart rhythms for Heart Rate Variability and provides cues to synchronize your breathing with HRV to achieve a state of coherence. A heart rate monitor only provides you with information about your average heart rate.

Q: Have studies been done to support the benefits of the emWave2®?
A: Yes, numerous studies on the effect of positive emotions on stress, physiology and human performance have been performed. These studies have been published in prestigious journals including Stress Medicine, American Journal of Cardiology, Preventive Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science and Harvard Business Review.

Q: How long can I expect the battery to last?
A: With one hour of use a day, we expect a lifetime of at least 5 years, providing it is recharged at least once a month. The battery is expected to have at least 85% capacity after 500 full charge cycles.

Q: What does it mean when the blinking light at the bottom goes from blue to red?
A: At that moment the unit is showing you it is not receiving enough pulse signal to measure and display your coherence level. A simple remedy is to take your finger off the sensor, rub your finger tip to increase the circulation underneath your skin, and then lightly cover your finger sensor again. Or, if you are using the ear sensor, please take your sensor off the earlobe, rub your earlobe to increase the circulation there and then replace the sensor on the fleshy part of the earlobe. You should see the light at the bottom blink both blue and red while it is re-calibrating to you, and after a few seconds it should continue to blink blue. This lets you know it now has a good pulse signal and is receiving enough information.

Q: My unit suddenly turns off while I’m using it. What is going on?
A: When your unit suddenly turns off, it can mean two things. First, it may mean your unit has not been receiving enough pulse signal to continue a reading. If this is the case, the light at the bottom will have turned red (see the answer above). If it doesn’t receive enough information for 10 seconds the unit will shut off to retain its battery. In this case, simply rub your earlobe or fingertip and restart your session.

Second, it may mean your unit is in a different mode all together. Often people access the ‘Advanced Mode’ inadvertently, accessing a specific setting called the ‘Stealth Mode’. The Stealth Mode can be very useful when you are in situations where you don’t want to attract attention, since you won’t see any of the blinking and moving light feedback on your unit. But getting into this mode by accident can be confusing and disconcerting, however, it is easily remedied. To find out if you are in the Stealth Mode, turn on your unit and listen to the number of beeps it makes. If you hear two beeps, the first answer given above will apply, however, if you hear three beeps, your unit is in the ‘Advanced Mode’. To get your unit out of this mode, back into the ‘Basic Mode’, simply press and hold the top of the sensor button (closest to the word ’emWave’) for at least 10 seconds. You will hear four tones. After you hear these four beeps, your unit has been reset into the ‘Basic Mode’. It will now work normally again.

Q: Can I save my session or transfer data from my emWave2® to my computer software program?
A: Yes, you can! Open the emWave2® program on your computer. Plug your unit into the USB port on your computer.  Click – File and Sync emWave2®. Click – OK or continue to begin the transfer.

Q: Can I use the emWave2® along with other stress management practices?
A: Yes, emWave2® works well as an adjunct to other stress management practices. It can easily provide verification of the effectiveness of many other approaches to counter the effects of stress and can be used as a friendly facilitator of other stress management methods.

Q: Do I need to be experienced with technology in order to use the emWave2® device?
A: No. emWave2® is very simple and easy to use. The Quick Start Guide provides clear instructions on how to easily operate and immediately benefit from your emWave2®.

Q: Aside from helping to reduce stress, are there other applications for using the emWave2® that I can benefit from?
A: The applications of the emWave2® include more than stress management. Increasing your coherence level — which is the primary goal of using the emWave2® — increases performance. Whether or not you feel the negative effects of stress, you can use it to improve mental clarity which will have a positive effect on business, communications and creativity. Additionally, emWave2® provides a great way to improve performance in sports. It trains you to more easily enter into a high performance state that athletes call “The Zone”.

Q: What do I do if I have an error code – Sensor Not Found / Device Not Found?
A: If you see an error code – Sensor not found / Device Not found -, we recommend rebooting the computer with the sensor hardware plugged in. With a fresh start, the computer should now be able to see the sensor hardware and recognize it as a Human Interface Device (HID).



General Information:
If you are in need of general assistance, Please call HeartMath at (800) 450-9111 or send email to

Technical Assistance:
If you are in need of Technical Assistance, Please call HeartMath at (800) 538-0984 or send email to


The module and pulse sensor are warranted to the original owner for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase against defects in manufacturing by Quantum Intech (QI). Please keep your proof of purchase and note of purchases date for this is required to fulfill the warranty.

What Quantum Intech will do:
If the module or sensor develops a defect within the one year period, the item will be repaired or replaced with a new or thoroughly reconditioned and inspected item.

Product Registration:
Product registration with HeartMath is no longer required, but will subscribe you to product update notifications.

For Warranty Questions:
Please call HeartMath’s Technical Assistance at (800) 538-0984. The technical specialists will walk you through the process.


Try our product with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within the 30 days, simply-

1. Email us at with the following information:

A. Name

B. Phone number

C. Reason for return

D. Name on credit card used to purchase the product

E. Last four digits of the credit card used to purchase the product

2. Upon receipt of this information, we will contact you with a Return Authorization number that must be written on the outside of the package.

3. Please pack the product securely (if product is received to us damaged, a full credit may not be issued).

4. Please send to:
Dr. Diane- Product Return, PO BOX 148, Georgetown, MA 01833.

5. Upon receipt of the Returned Product, a credit will be issued to your credit card. Please allow 10-14 business days for the credit to appear:

A. 100% refund for unopened product

B. 90% refund for opened product, 10% restocking fee


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