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The Burdenko Method: Restore & Maintain Health With The Fitness Wisdom System of Water & Land Therapy


By Dr. Igor N. Burdenko



The newest publication by Dr. Igor N. Burdenko- one of the world's leading authorities in water and land therapy and exercise.

The Burdenko Method has helped Olympic & professional athletes and ballet dancers achieve exceptional performance - especially recovering from injuries. This method has also helped countless individuals recover and regain fitness, mobility and everyday well-being as taught by certified instructors educated in the Burdenko Method through certification.

Dr. Burdenko obtained a Master's Degree from Latvia Sports University, Riga, and a Ph.D in Human Performance from Moscow Pedagogical University.

From Dr. Igor Burdenko: "This book is the knowledge I have acquired over the course of 50 years working with people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Based on this knowledge, research and experience, I developed what has become known as the Burdenko Method: system of innovative water and land exercise programs which helps prevent injury and promote recovery from injury with exceptional results, generating a healing process that is more efficient than working exclusively with land based therapies. My approach is to work with the whole person, not only the injured area. All aspects of a person- physical, mental, and spiritual, contain important pieces for recovery. Use the principles of fitness intelligence in your workout to achieve results."

Now Dr. Burdenko's methodology is available to everyone with the publication of this comprehensive book. 13 chapters, hundreds of land and water based exercises and explanations.


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