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Your Healthy Brain: A Personal & Family Guide to Staying Healthy & Living Longer


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by Stephen J. Kiraly, MD, FRCPC



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The text in "Your Healthy Brain" consists of an introduction that familiarizes the reader with fundamental issues pertaining to brain health prevalent today. This includes some history and facts about the brain and the critical concepts of health span and brain health. "Your Healthy Brain" also emphasizes why brain health is much more important today than ever before.

Why? More and more people are living longer than ever, and we are experiencing an inversion in age demographics. For the first time in history there are more elderly people than young (inversion of the population pyramid). The author gives a brief description of the brain as an organ of the body and define some common obstacles to attaining brain health. The next chapter of "Your Healthy Brain" is about the staying power of the brain - the most marvelous organ of the body. Research is telling us that the brain can grow new cells, can rewire itself and recruits unused areas and heals and recovers after injury.

The next eight chapters, all based on lecture materials, pertain to what the author named The Eight Pillars of Brain Health and Longevity: 1) safety, 2) nutrition, 3) physical exercise, 4) mental activity, 5) sleep, 6) stress, 7) hormones, and 8) treatment of disease (common diseases that are independent risk factors for early onset dementia).

Dr. Patrick McGeer, a highly published and eminent researcher of Alzheimers disease at the University of British Columbia, wrote the foreword.

by Stephen J. Kiraly, MD, FRCPC



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