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Proof My Integrative Approach to Brain Injury Recovery Works!

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Results 22 years later — Am doing Happy Dance!!

My Integrative 5 Prong Approach…I’m really doing a happy dance. This time for me! 1990 was my bleed (stroke) from a 60 mile-an-hour auto accident, and brain surgery. 2005 was Lyme Disease and mini stroke. 2008 another concussion (snow plow took off front of my car). 2010 another concussion (chair broke and flung me back). 2011 Jelly fish sting flaired up the Lyme Disease again.

The Integrative Approach for the recovery of brain injury that I have developed and have been actively using for the past 22 years has really paid off and now there is evidential proof.

Today, I went to see my neurologist, Dr. Douglas I. Katz, M.D., (Medical Director, Acquired Brain Injury Program and Director of Medical Education, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital; Associate Professor of Neurology, Boston University) for my annual neurological visit.

During the past year, I have been reporting to friends, colleagues and patients that between all that I have been doing as part of my integrative approach and program, I noticed my memory, alertness, concentration and motor skills have vastly improved and are at times like they were prior to 1990. Today, my neurologist was shocked and amazed at my cognitive ability. Most people as they age experience a decrease in memory and other cognitive skills. Add that on top of all that I’ve been through, including brain surgery.

I was 42 in 1990, and here I am, 65 years old and Dr. Katz said that I am better than I was last year and the year before and before. He was totally amazed. The last thing Dr. Katz said to me was, “Whatever you are doing…keep it up!!” And I will.

I am so thrilled with all my work and effort. I am truly giving myself an A++ for believing in myself and my recovery, and for creating an integrative approach that has helped myself, my patients, and those who have consulted with me.

I am a truly a very happy camper!!


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