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Brain Health Consulting

Get results with the Consultant that provides real and effective Solutions and Resources℠

Dr. Diane® has over 30 years of clinical experience as a Neuropsychologist, Board Certified Health Psychologist, Board Certified Sport Psychologist, and Performing Arts Psychologist.

As a clinician and a consultant, Dr. Diane® specializes in Brain Fitness and Brain Rehabilitation. She works with individuals and organizations worldwide, helping them overcome obstacles and challenges to reach desired goals.

Brain Health Consultant

Dr. Diane® specializes in helping traumatic and acquired brain injury survivors regain their lives. If you have a client or patient with difficult to treat symptoms of concussion, Post Concussion Syndrome, stroke and other brain injuries, Dr. Diane® can help.  She will review, evaluate and suggest the appropriate treatment methods based on the individual’s background and his/her specific needs. 

Executive and Athletic Peak Performance

Whether you are looking to improve your performance in the corporate boardroom or on the field, Dr. Diane® can help!  

Executive Coach

Dr. Diane® is an experienced executive coach and helps professionals improve in the areas of decision making, mental clarity, goal setting and attainment, stress management, anxiety, restorative sleep, and memory/recall.

Sports Psychology and Peak Performance

Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance on the field?  Dr. Diane® can help you and/or your team reach your full potential and achieve peak performance.  Dr. Diane® is a board certified sports psychologist and sports neuropsychologist and works with athletes from all ability levels. She understands how to work through the challenges holding you back from being the best you can be! 

Forensic Consultant and Expert Witness

Dr. Diane® delivers results, with years of experience providing expert testimony and forensic consulting for cases involving brain injury and concussion.

New to Neurofeedback training?

Dr. Diane® can help you become an expert of this approach so you too can help others improve their lives!

There are a number of ways to consult with Dr. Diane®: in person in her office (greater Boston area); by phone; by email; or virtually Worldwide via Zoom.us. Call our office at 978-352-6349, or fill out the contact form below.
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