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Neuroband FAQs

Below are two videos that give an overview of the neuroband product, the ways it will help a Neurofeedback practice, and the process for using 19 leads with the Neuroband. The FAQ section is just below the videos.


Shipping costs vary depending on the quantity of items purchased.

I do not encourage making your own saline solution, you will not get the best results. I recommend using premade ElectroMist solution designed specifically as a conductive spray for Neurofeedback.

You can clean the chamois pockets with Dial liquid antibacterial soap, making sure to rinse the chamois pockets well. You should clean the pockets after each patient/client. You can leave the pockets wet from the water after rinsing for the next client/patient or purchase extra pockets to use.
The cross straps can also be washed with Dial liquid antibacterial soap. However, if you are doing brain mapping, specifically a qEEG, you need to have the headband and cross strap perfectly dry before using again.

You can leave the pockets wet for the next client/patient.

The Velcro should be snug, but not tight. If necessary, you may need to wet the chamois pocket and site you are measuring to improve the impedance. If you are not getting good impedance, (under 5), use a Q tip soaked in ElectroMist to carefully wet the chamois pocket and the site you are measuring, until you get a lower impedance reading (suggested by Larry and Paul at Discovery Learning Associates). Take care not to get the hair or the band wet between testing sites to avoid salt-bridging, as per the recommendation of Tom Collura at BrainMaster Technologies.

For the best results, do not make your own saline solution. It is difficult to get a low impedance reading. I recommend premade ElectroMist solution designed specifically as a conductive spray for Neurofeedback.

The Cross Strap (NF) – CSP has Velcro on one side. The model with 1 cross strap is for 1-2 channel training on top of the head. The cross strap (QEEG) CSX5008 has Velcro on both sides. This would be used with the 4 Channel, 19 Channel, and EEG Channel Neuroband™s.

The Neuroband™ consists of a headband and chin strap, and the number of cross straps relates to the number of channel training. The model with 1 cross strap is for 1-2 channel training on top of the head. In the 4 channel training model the one cross strap has Velcro on the ends on both sides.

The model with 2 cross straps is for 1-4 channel training across the top of the head. The model with 3 cross straps allows for 1-19 channel training.

You can always buy the basic model with one cross strap and if you need one or two more cross straps you can order those separately. You will see that option in your shopping cart.

There is one basic model that can be used for both Neurofeedback training and for QEEG or LENS training.

Neuroband™ with the custom ElectroCap ribbon does everything a ElectroCap does, because it is made by the same company.

The differences are the following:

  1. You don’t have to buy 3 sizes.

  2. There is no need for Neuroprep.

  3. You do not need to use gel or buy a syringe, reducing mess.

  4. You need ElectroMist solution.

  5. You wet the chamois pockets with ElectroMist and wet the testing site with a Q-tip.

  6. It takes half the time to put it on (4 minutes) and has an impedance of less than 3 Kohms.

  7. It takes 3 seconds to take off and clean up.

  8. It takes 5 minutes to wash before the next client.

The difference in the LENS Cap version is that instead of one pin, it has 19 individual pins for each site on the head.

The answer is YES. That is why I invented my Neuroband™. You get precise placement without the prep, paste or cleanup.  Also, if you want any remote supervision, I also provide this service. For your needs I would recommend, QEEG 1085.

The Neuroband™ is NOT a piece of software or hardware. It is a holder for electrodes. The benefits to using Neuroband™ are that it is a one size fits all headband (so you only need to buy one), it uses ElectroMist solution instead of neuro prep so it is quicker and easier to put on and take off, and very easy to clean.

No, I have not personally used NeuroOptimal System. The Neuroband™ can work perfectly with it.  As for your client, I’ve been a trauma therapist for 36 years and have used Neurofeedback with PTSD for almost 15 years. I’ve worked with many Vietnam Vets. As we both know each person is unique and their prior history to the event is unique. In my integrative practice, I have a consulting psychiatrist, who would have seen him and then would adjust the medications, as I’m working on getting the brain regulated through Neurofeedback, specifically LENS method, along with Alpha/theta training at O1/O2 in addition to using EMDR, TFT, CBT and hypnosis. In conjunction, I’m a Bach Flower Practitioner, thus I would have him using Aspen, (Anxiety) White Chestnut (thinking all the time).

So, the bottom line is that YES the Neuroband™ can be used very effectively. I am not sure about him doing the NeuroOptimal program on his own.  I only have my patients use a home system under my specific supervision. When they do home training, it is usually T3/T4 Othmer method, where I’ve set the specific training range for them. This method helps “shh” the limbic system.

I too usually have a 60-90 min session.  The pockets stay wet and the impedance usually starts around 2.0 and may increase to 4.0.  If I see it going up beyond, I can then wet the pocket again without removing anything. What is so great about my Neuroband™ is that you do NOT have to do Neuroprep before. What I do is use a Q-tip with ElectroMist, then apply the Neuroband™ with the wet pockets. This takes all of 2-3 minutes.  After the session, there is NO clean-up of the scalp and removal takes literally 2 seconds.

Between patients, I wash the pockets with dial antiseptic soap and rinse.  If the pocket is very dry, I will wet with water, then a light spray of electro-mist.  I use to make my own solution of Saline and baby shampoo, yet often might get so much shampoo.  Thus, decided to just stick with electro-mist.

The Neuroband™ is not for gaming. It is for use in Neurofeedback therapy. There are several different computer software programs for Neurofeedback, it is comparable with all.