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Speaking Associates

Dr. Diane® also presents along with the following non-contractual, independent professionals.

Dr. Diane®’s speaking associates have years of experience in their individual professions. These experts can bring extra dimensions and additional information to Dr. Diane®’s appearances. Dr. Diane®’s speaking associates have excellent credentials, superb professionalism, and are passionate, caring, and a catalyst to those seeking to know.


  • Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, M.D. Behavioral (OK)
  • Dr. Carol Moheban, M.D. (MA)
  • Dr. William Singer, M.D. Pediatric (MA)
  • Dr. Angelita Tangco, M.D. (TX)



  • Dr. Barbara Bruno-Golden, Ed.D., & Educator (MA)
  • Dr. Kenneth Gilstein, Ph.D. (CT)
  • Dr. Laurence Miller, Ph.D. (FL)
  • Dr. Diane Russell, Ph.D. (Canada)


Cognitive Rehabilitation

  • Paula Gilstein, BSN (CT)
  • Sucheta Kamath (GA)
  • Lynn Lazarus Serper, Ed.D. (MA)


Speech and Language Pathology

  • Amy Karas, MS, CCC-SLP


Water Therapy

  • Dr. Igor Burdenko, Ph.D


Clinical Social Workers

  • Marilyn Garland, LICSW (MA)


Biofeedback Practitioners

  • Dr. Beth Milford, M.D. (CA)
  • Paul Soper, M.M., RCTC (MA)
  • Eve Kennedy-Spaien, OTR/L Brain Medicine (MA)



  • Martha Lindsay, MS, CNE (MA)


Physical Therapy

  • Wendy Keiver-Hewett, NCTMB, LMT
  • Jennifer Stanley, LMT

TBI Lawyers

  • Atty. Tom Doehrman (IN)
  • Atty. John Montalbano (CT)
  • Atty. Dale K. Perdue (OH)


Psychiatric Intensive Care Manager

  • Barbara Welitzkin, LICSW (PA)



  • Dr. Sharon Barrett (MD)


Physical Therapy

  • Joan Flynn



  • Clara Diebold


Claims Adjuster II Insurance:

  • Alisa Marie Kern (OH)


Civic Leader and Sustained TBI

  • Paula Gates (MA)


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