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Benefits of Teletherapy For Cognition and Communication Skills

Amy Karas, member of Dr. Diane’s integrative team of brain health experts, is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in cognitive, social pragmatics and language treatment, with an emphasis on providing functional therapy strategies/systems and restoring skills when able. Since COVID, Amy has been providing all speech, language and cognitive services via teletherapy.
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How does teletherapy work?

Teletherapy is simply the mode of communication which allows Amy to work with her clients. In the teletherapy sessions, to help clients increase independence, function and safety, the same way she would do in person. Focusing on using cognitive-linguistic systems and strategies to help achieve client driven functional goals.

Here are some sample tasks Amy has helped clients improve through teletherapy:

  • Functional Communication:  Developing scripts to help advocate for medical and mental health needs.
  • Scheduling and Tracking Tasks:  Setting up a calendar system to organize and remember what needs to be done; generating to do lists.
  • Being Productive:  Using proceduralized learning and written checklists to establish productive routines
  • Reducing Social Isolation:  Communicating on Zoom to increase confidence, improve speech intelligibility and reduce social isolation.
  • Participating in Leisure Activities:  Planning and planting a garden, Zoom exercise classes, joining a book club and more!
One of the great benefits of telehealth is allowing Amy a window into her clients’ lives. As a result, she is able to see what they are working on in real time, offer suggestions and make change. Clients, families and caregivers have appreciated the convenience as well as the functional implications of these services.
For more information visit or call Amy at 617-893-8807.

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