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On Saturday, I had an MRI done. As of yesterday I am experiencing a side effect from the contrast dye. However, this is not an allergic reaction- no hives, no itching. I am experiencing muscle weakness and joint pain all over my body, especially in the hips and legs. Starting at 11 am this morning I began calling doctors, but only got as far as their secretaries. The neurologist office told me to call my primary care physician, the primary office said call the MRI technician, and so on into several hours later. Finally, I got a hold of the primary doctor who said drink lots of fluids and it should be out of my system in 3 days. Meanwhile, the neurologist has called and said the same thing. These suggestions are doing nothing for me in the meantime while I am experiencing muscle weakness. I am hunched over and aching, and no one can tell me what to do other than drink fluid and hope the contrast dye comes out of my kidneys! As a bach flower practitioner I looked up what I could do to help, and took Rescue Remedy, Olive, Crab Apple, and Sweet chestnut. I will probably do this every 4 hours until my symptoms get better.

As you can see, I am upset, frustrated, and angry that the doctors don’t know what to do other than tell me to drink a lot of water. Additionally, I have looked for some kind of treatment online, and could not find a thing.

Has anyone else ever experienced this reaction to an MRI? If so, feel free to comment back. I’d be more than willing to hear about it and repost it to my blog.


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