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Athletic Performance

Enhance your Athletic Performance

Dr. Diane® is a board certified sports psychologist. She was trained in sports psychology at Boston University by the world famous Pan (Am) American coach, Dr. John Cheffers. Dr. Cheffers was also on Dr. Diane’s dissertation committee.


Dr. Diane helps athletes reach peak performance.Dr. Diane® has worked extensively with athletes at all levels of ability – from professional, Olympic, Ironman, amateur, and from various sports including football, basketball, golf, gymnastics, running, cycling, swimming and skiing.


From the extensive personal training with Dr. Cheffers, Dr. Diane® incorporates this training and modifies it to assist athletes in sports psychology and sports performance enhancement.

How Can Sports Psychology Improve Your Game?

Sports psychology deals with the psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sports, exercise, and other types of physical activity.

Dr. Diane® Speaks on Coping with Anticipatory Anxiety in Sports

Dr. Diane® joins Kelly Ford and country music star Chuck Wicks on America’s Morning Show as an expert in sports psychology to help Chuck cope with the anxiety of an upcoming Ironman Half Triathlon in Hawaii. Click the button below to listen to the audio clip!

Dr. Diane, Sports Psychologist - America's Morning Show

Sports Psychology objectives:

  • Deal with anxiety, specifically anticipatory anxiety
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Change behavior



In sports your mind needs to be relaxed, while your body is alert. In dealing with anticipatory anxiety, teaching internal methods to control the autonomic nervous system through such internal methods as hypnosis, HRV breathing, and TFT (Thought Field Therapy) a form of Energy Psychology. In conjunction CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) helps to re-educate how you think about the event.


Concentration and Focus

You’ve heard the expression, don’t take your eye off the ball. This is correct. Whether it is keeping your mind focus on the rhythm of the wheels turning in a cycling event, or keeping your eye on the tennis ball that was just hit to you. One of the major keys to success is learning how to sustain focus. There are various methods that can enhance focus including hypnosis, neurofeedback and visual imagery. A basketball game or as we know in Boston, a world series can be lost, because someone didn’t keep their eye on a ball.


Behavioral Changes

The third key area is behavioral changes. For example, if you are skiing, you need to modify your methods based on the conditions of the slope. If there are icy patches you need to instantaneously be able to adjust. This includes adapting to different equipment, such as tennis rackets or weather conditions.


A perfect example of all three is in the Olympic bialthon event, where the athlete has to cross country ski, and then stop, calm and settle their body in order to shoot a gun. Once this is done, the athlete has to get themselves moving very rapidly to get to the next target.

Sports Psychology focus areas:

  • Peak performance programs
  • Imagery skills training
  • Emotional energy management
  • Attentional skills and concentration training
  • Self-confidence and motivation enhancement
  • Improving mental toughness
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Strategy selection
  • Biofeedback training
  • Stress management
  • Hypnosis for pain control and healing
  • Counseling for acute performance anxiety
  • Training to overcome performance slumps
  • Neurofeedback to help with concentration and being in the ‘Zone’
  • QiGong to help with inner balance and mental awareness and protection
  • HRV (Heart Rate Variability) helps gain inner control, focus and concentration

How can Dr. Diane® help you achieve athletic performance?

Athletes condition their bodies in a variety of ways, but always with the common goal-to achieve the greatest performance possible. Often you will train your muscles but are still unable to reach your highest goals. There is some hurdle, some barrier keeping you from achieving this success, therefore keeping you from reaching this level of Peak Performance.


Dr. Diane® sees you as a unique individual, using her 5 prong approach, she will assess your needs related to the major focus on sports psychology. Then through the various methods, such as hypnosis, neurofeedback, visual imagery, HRV breathing, Dr. Diane® will provide you with the various tools to obtain your goals, gain the confidence to perform at optimum level, and develop coping skills to maintain what you achieved.

Let Dr. Diane® help you reach your goals!

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