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Other Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive Disorders Treatments

This is an overview of the various types of treatments for helping a person with the developmental issues related to Autism. The description of treatment is by insurance coverage: Conventional, Complementary, and Alternative. Read more about Autism treatments here.

Historically, pharmacological treatments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have been considered the only type of interventions effective for reducing the core symptoms of this condition. However, a series of case and controlled group studies examining the effects of EEG Biofeedback have reported improved attention and behavioral control and other gains. Read about them and more here.

Your individual Dyslexia treatments program is developed based on conventional, complimentary, and alternative treatment methods. These methods are often modified to meet your specific needs and goals as you progress in regaining your life. Learn more about these treatment methods here.