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Yerba MateAs an avid tea drinker, I recommend herbal tea as a healthier, more beneficial substitute for coffee. Yerba mate tea, known as “the drink of the gods” by early South American tribes, makes a great morning or afternoon pick-me-up. Research by Brazilian scientists concludes that this herbal tea can enhance short-term brain power, likely as a result of the stimulants like caffeine.

The best yerba mate tea for coffee drinkers is My Morning Mate Tea. This drink is a combination of black tea, mate tea and a touch of spice for the coffee flavor so many of us enjoy. Better yet, My Morning Mate Tea has almost as much caffeine found in your favorite coffee. For a spicey kick, try an energizing Samurai Chai Mate, full of strong spices, herbs, and citrus flavors. Prefer fruity tea? Try Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate tea. These teas can be found at your nearest Teavana.

Mate Tea Preparation
To prepare mate tea, 1 tsp of loose mate tea should be added to 8oz of boiling water. The mate tea should steep for 5-6 minutes. Like other herbal teas, mate tea can be blended with other teas to create a new taste and maximize health benefits.

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