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Diane_Bench1Dr. Diane®‘s Story

On March 5, 1990, my life was suddenly transformed. Driving home after visiting a cancer patient, I suffered a cerebral bleed (an aneurysm, a type of stroke), became unconscious at the wheel of my automobile, and was involved in a 60 mph head-on auto accident. Five months later, I had open skull brain surgery to remove the cause of the stroke, which was a growth on my brain, called a cavernous hemangioma.


At that time I was successful health practitioner, managing a private practice of 7 therapists and 250 patients.  I suddenly found myself thrust in the role of brain injured patient, fighting for survival, but I did survive, and regained my life.  From my personal experience and professional expertise, I wrote “Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury,” the first comprehensive guide to brain trauma and its hidden effects, to help other survivors regain their lives.


I understand and appreciate the role of a caregiver, because I was actively involved in the care of both my mother and one of my sons who both sustained brain injuries. My mother had several strokes, plus two concussions, and my son sustained three concussions causing him memory loss (amnesia) for more than four hours.


My experiences led me to devote my clinical practice, writings and personal appearances to helping organizations and individuals overcome life’s obstacles and reach their full potential.


In 2004, I was bitten by a deer tick and got a bulls-eye rash. For 18 months I was misdiagnosed by numerous physicians and suffered with painful joints and a rash from my knees to my neck. I also had a mini stroke in the motor area of my brain, making me unable to button my clothes or pull up a zipper. Finally, I went to see my cousin Dr. Steven L Keenholtz, a physician who specializes in infectious disease. He diagnosed me with Lyme Disease. Due to my allergies to antibiotics, I was helped with an herbal antibiotic, Golden Seal. This herb, along with the nutritional counseling and whole food supplements provided by Martha Lindsay, who is now a part of my expert team, made all the difference. I no longer have any symptoms of Lyme Disease.


On February 22, 2008, once again, my life was turned upside down as a result of another automobile accident. Driving to my office, a snowplow broadsided my automobile, taking off the front part of it. The impact caused me to become unconscious at the wheel of my automobile. I was out of work for a month with symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). During this period, I had several MRI’s, which showed additional brain injury along with a 1 cm meningioma (brain tumor) in the frontal area of my brain. I immediately consulted with my brain surgeon, who let me know that it was not cancerous and I would be fine. Using the treatment methods mentioned in my first book, Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, and now in my newest book Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, along with my integrative approach, I was able to return to work by August 2008.


On May 1, 2010, I suffered another concussion. While reclining in a zero gravity lounge chair, the hinges suddenly broke resulting in my falling backwards, hitting my head, and remaining unconscious for several minutes. Again I went to various doctors, and underwent a CAT scan and MRI to conclude I had a concussion. With the help of my integrative team, the methods in my book, and plenty of rest, I was able to return to work within 3 weeks.


In October of 2013 I went for my routine annual MRI scan to assess the meningioma in my brain. There it was discovered that the meningioma has doubled in size since 2008. I went to four neurosurgeons who said that since I had no symptoms of headache or seizures, to watch and wait for the next six months. I was told that if it grew or I began to have symptoms, I would need brain surgery and be out of work for at least two and a half months.


I have received great news. The tumor has not grown! I directly attribute this to all I do to take care of myself through my brain rehabilitation program and a brain healthy diet. The next visit is in nine months. I look forward to positive news!


My Journey with Lymphoma


May 2014- My Diagnosis


In my blog: Blast Injury: Coping with the Unexpected I shared that in May of 2014, an MRI found a tumor on my liver that indicated the possibility of liver cancer. I dismissed this at the time thinking it was a benign growth and was willing to watch and wait. In November 2015 I had another MRI and my doctors insisted that I have a biopsy, which I did on December 22nd. The results showed I had lymphoma; one of the strangest forms ever seen. It was so strange that a second biopsy was done on February 19, 2016.


April 2016 – PET Scan and the Results


I’ve had two PET scans since my diagnosis. The first shows stage 1 with the tumor and cancer only on the liver and nowhere else on my body. The second shows the same results with a slight decrease in the tumor. This decrease came as a result of absolutely no chemotherapy, it is due solely to my method of treatment (aka my “concoction.”) My oncologist said my next appointment for a PET scan was in 6 months and a blood test in 3 months. They were very surprised, and I was definitely a happy camper, doing a happy dance.


August 2016- More Test Results


On August 2, 2016 I received more great news when I was given my latest test results. It turns out that all of my tests are better than normal, which is due to my healthy lifestyle and diet. These results mean that I do not have to see my doctor or have another PET scan until November. Doing a Happy Dance!

November 2016 Update




I went for an MRI of my Brain Tumor on Sept 17th, and my blood work is better than normal and the tumor on my liver is 2x smaller than it was in April, which was 1x smaller than my first PET scan in February.

Thus, I’m still alive to provide helpful and hopeful insights for your recovery and my tumor is 3x smaller and I’m feeling GREAT.






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