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Brain Health Treatment Products

Neurofeedback clinicians and clients prefer Neuroband™ , an innovative headband used in neurofeedback. Developed by Dr. Diane® for ease, efficiency, comfort and customization – without the use of conductive paste or gel, Neuroband™  delivers results and greatly reduces set-up and clean-up time. Find out more about the Neuroband by clicking here.

Dr. Diane® recommends the Oasis Pro CES device for a drug-free method to wellness. The Oasis Pro is an easy-to-use, portable, hand-held device for Anxiety to Vitality. Learn more about this amazing device here.

Innovative and cost-effective, the CES Ultra is the only CES device with the proven technology used in the more than 100 scientific and research studies, including the Harvard School of Public Health Meta-Analysis. Click here to find out more about the CES Ultra .

The emWave2® is an advanced heart rate monitor, able to measure subtle changes in your heart rhythms. This type of measurement is known as heart rate variability analysis or HRV. Click here to earn more about the emWave2®.