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Brain Health Consults

Schedule a Brain Health Consult with Dr. Diane®

In a brain health consult, Dr. Diane® works with individuals seeking help with brain rehabilitation or brain fitness, specifically in the areas of memory issues, anxiety, sleep disorders, concussion, post concussion syndrome (PCS), stroke, ADD/ADHD and more, to help them overcome life’s challenges and reach their goals. Dr. Diane® has over 30 years of clinical experience as a neuropsychologist, board certified health psychologist, board certified sports psychologist, and performing arts psychologist.


Please note! A brain health consult is not an intake appointment. It is a one-time consultation with Dr. Diane to develop a customized treatment program and to find the right practitioner(s) to meet the needs of the individual. We look forward to working with you!

If you or your loved one have been told by every doctor that there is nothing more they can do for you, Dr. Diane® can provide you with real Solutions & ResourcesSM.



1. You will have an expert, in the field of Brain Injury, Neuropsychology, Sports Psychology, Performing Arts Psychology and Health Psychology available to YOU! Dr. Diane’s work and her personal journey with brain injury has been featured in many publications.


2. You will have over 35 years of professional experience available to YOU! Dr. Diane® is a Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider, Board Certified in both Health Psychology and Sports Psychology and is a member of many professional organizations. Dr. Diane® is also a speaker, teacher and author. See her full CV.


3. You will have one of the largest databases of practitioners, lawyers, mental health providers, and other professionals available to YOU! Dr. Diane® will be your advocate. She personally knows many professionals in the field, and will lead you to the ones who can really help.


4. You can have real Solutions & ResourcesSM available to YOU! Dr. Diane dedicates her practice to helping people and organizations overcome obstacles.


5. You can have Dr. Diane act as a personal guide to YOU! Dr. Diane sees you as a person with individual needs, and knows how it feels when the system sees you only as a number. Using her innovative 5 Prong Approach, Dr. Diane will provide you with a customized treatment program and find the right practitioner(s) in your area to help you reach your goals.



1. Review: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your history and symptoms (30 minutes)


2. Explain: Provide an overview of the brain/body interaction, and present various treatment methods (30 minutes)


3. Recommend: Using her 5 Prong Approach, Dr. Diane® will develop a unique, individualized program based on your needs (30 minutes)


In person in her Boxford, Massachusetts office; by phone; by email; or virtually worldwide via Skype. Call our office at (978) 352-6349, or fill out the contact form below. Please review our payment and cancellation policy below, and let us know if you have any questions. Please note, a consult is not an intake appointment. It is a one-time consultation with Dr. Diane to develop a customized plan for the client. We look forward to working with you!


When scheduling the consultation, the amount of time needed is determined and fees are expected at that time. Fees must be paid at the time of booking, prior to the consultation. We ask this so the focus is solely on addressing the needs of the client during their time. If you need additional time beyond the 90-minutes, you will be charged accordingly. The cost of 90-minute brain health consult can be paid with a credit card. No appointments will be confirmed until payments are processed.


Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep this appointment, kindly give 48 hours notice. If done within this period of time, the fee can be used for another appointment or refunded in full. Otherwise, the fee is non-refundable and cannot be used for another appointment.

THERE IS HELP AND HOPE! Fill out the form to schedule your appointment.

Prior to scheduling a Consult with Dr. Diane insurance information will need to be reviewed/pre-approved.  Please reference Dr. Diane on the documents you submit.

Please submit your primary and secondary insurance cards either by fax, e-mail or mail directly to:

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