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Dr Diane® Offers the Following Services

From brain health to special education consults Dr. Diane® has you covered. Click here to find out more.

Regardless of the presenting problem or situation, Dr. Diane® offers a variety of services to help improve your life. Click here to find the ways we can provide you with Solutions and Resources℠.

If you are starting or advancing your career in Biofeedback and/or Neurofeedback and you want to know more about the innovative technology, Dr. Diane® provides individual, in-service or professional workshops to help you decide what methods are best for the patients or clients you provide clinical services to help them regain their life or for brain fitness. Click here to find out more.

Dr. Diane® is a member of the National Speakers Association and is available for speaking engagements and custom training workshops. Dr. Diane® trains individuals and groups, in her office, at a retreat or at your location. Click here to find out more.