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The following is a rough guide to articles on various topics. Many, if not most of them, fit into more than one category. We urge you to look through the descriptions of articles in all categories for information relative to the knowledge you seek.

Brain Injury General Information

Aftermath, Recovery, and Rehabilitation

  • Helping the brain fix its own wiring
  • Rewiring The Damaged Brain
    National Institute Of Health Rehabilitation of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury This NIH Consensus Statement includes sections on epidemiology, consequences of TBI, and common therapeutic interventions.
  • Post-traumatic Stress Reactions Following Motor Vehicle Accidents
    American Family Physician. Dennis J. Butler, Ph.D., H. Steven Moffic, M.D., Nick W. Turkal, M.D. Traffic accidents are a leading cause of PTSD. The authors discuss the diagnostic criteria for PTSD, risk factors for stress disorders related to motor vehicle accidents, and evaluation, intervention, and treatment issues. American Association Of Marriage And Family Therapists.


Treatment Approaches to Brain Injury

  • Brain Injury Guide
    Caregivers, family members and those who have suffered brain injury will find resources that can lead to more productive lifestyles. This site provides information for developing memory skills, compensatory strategies, cognitive skills and behavioral issues.
  • Brain Injury Online
    a comprehensive source of information about living with an injured brain. Managed and maintained by Beth and Larry Jameson, authors of Brain Injury Survivor’s Guide, this site combines their expertise as well as that of many others who deal with common problems on a daily basis.
  • Neurofeedback Center in Virginia
    Neurofeedback Center of Virginia is committed to making this website a point of education for people who are struggling with performance and function as a result of stress-induced factors related to mood disorder, panic or anxiety attack, migraines, and fibromyalgia.
  • PsychologyNet.org
    Online Psychological Services. Clinicians, Online Support. Simply the best Mental Health Resources on the Internet.
  • Stay in The Zone
    Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. The founder of www.StayInTheZone.com, Dr. Granat has coached athletes and their families from virtually every sport from around the world. He has work an Olympic Gold Medalist, professional golfers, tennis pros and elite young athletes from many sports and has lectured to many teams, clinics, camps and to some of America’s largest corporations.
  • The Better Brain Center
    The Better Brain Center provides Neurofeedback and EEG Biofeedback services to help with Migraines, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Brain Injury and other health issues. Serving the great Washington DC area.

Brain Injury in Sports

The popularity of sports exposes a large number of people daily to the risk of brain injury. Each year in the United States there are an estimated 500,000 sport-related brain concussions. Second Impact Syndrome” (SIS) occurs when a second concussion occurs within hours, days, weeks following a prior concussion. Despite its debilitating effects, many players, parents, and coaches believe that concussion should not restrict participation from competition. From Return to Contact Sports Following Concussion, By Dan Mendonca, MEDS 2000. Children/Youth Head Injury.

Sports & Athletes

Sports Psychology

  • Dr. John F. Murray
    Dr. John F. Murray is a Clinical and Sports Psychologist and a Speaker in Palm Beach, Florida.


    Explore the world of Assistive Technology! ABLEDATA is a federally funded project that provides information on over 20,000 assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment.
  • Christians in Recovery
    Christians in Recovery is a community brought together in faith to overcome challenges and obsticles in life.
  • Dr. Igor Burdenko, Ph.D. Burdenko Institute
    Dr. Burdenko offers a variety of programs for maximum rehabilitation, conditioning, and training at the Burdenko Water and Sports Therapy Institute.

Brain Injury Associations

Brain Fitness


  • Brain Injury Therapy – Neurofeedback
  • Clear Minds of Cape Ann
    William Derry Heasley, Psy. D., offers access to a full range of psychological services to individuals to achieve optimal personal and professional performance in their daily lives.
  • Neurofeedback Center in Virginia
    Neurofeedback Center of Virginia is committed to making this web site a point of education for people who are struggling with performance and function as a result of stress-induced factors related to mood disorder, panic or anxiety attack, migraines and fibromyalgia.

Biofeedback Training and Equipment

  • emWave™ Personal Stress Reliever
    Developed from the Institute of HeartMath’s 15 years of research on the relationship between the heart, brain, stress and emotions, emWave is both innovative and practical. It enhances your life through its scientifically validated technology.
  • HealthPax order form View HealthPax kit image
    HealthPax is a Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device for the control of anxiety, depression and insomnia that has been reviewed and is deemed in compliance with FDA regulations.
  • Stens Biofeedback

Diagnosis, Research, and Testing

Health/Health Psychology


 Health Psychology

Energy Psychology

  • MindBody Therapies
    Mary E. Stafford is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 23 years of experience.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

  • Dr. Leo Gagnon
    Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for those that can use an extra boost of mind power. Visit Dr. Leo Gagnon at besthypno.com.
  • Illinois Hypnosis – Jeanne Clark, LCSW
  • Whether you are struggling with weight loss, anxiety, depression, or on-going pain, hypnosis is a powerful, safe, and effective tool that can help you overcome whatever challenges you face. By enabling you to enter a very relaxed–but very focused–state.