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Sports Neuropsychology

An illustration of sports equipment forming the shape of a brain inside the outline of a human head and signifying sports neuropsychology.

Sports Neuropsychology uses the science and understanding of brain-behavior relationships to assess and treat sports-related brain injuries. It combines the focus of Sports Psychology, the performance of an athlete or team, and Neuropsychology, understanding the brain and how it functions.

What is a Neuropsychologist?

A licensed psychologist whose focus is the study of brain-behavior relationships. They have training in anatomy, physiology, and the nervous system. Additionally, they can treat people having problems with how their nervous system is functioning. From their training, they can also help you find your best level of brain fitness. Dr. Diane® is a neuropsychologist and board-certified sports psychologist.

What is a Sports Neuropsychologist?

A sports neuropsychologist focuses on ideal brain/body interaction. So, if the athlete gets a concussion, a sports neuropsychologist has the training to help rehab the brain. On the other hand, if the brain is healthy, it can help optimize brain/body performance through Peak Performance Training. A sports neuropsychologist can help make you a better coach, trainer, or overall team.

Workshops by Dr. Diane®

Dr. Diane® offers workshops for coaches, trainers, and administrators. Through these workshops, you’ll learn how to assess and manage concussions in sports. You’ll also learn how to speed up the recovery time of your athletes and reduce the risk of reinjury. Dr. Diane® and her team of Brain Health Experts work together to keep your athletes safe today and tomorrow while helping them perform to the best of their ability!

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