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Neurofeedback Training for Professionals

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Receive Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training from a professional with years of experience using a wide variety of methods to treat a wide spectrum of disorders and conditions.

When to Start Your Neurofeedback Training

If you are starting or advancing your career in Biofeedback and/or Neurofeedback and you want to know more about the innovative technology, Dr. Diane® provides individual, in-service or professional workshops to help you decide what methods are best for the patients or clients you provide clinical services to help them regain their life or for brain fitness.

Why Dr. Diane® for your Training?

Each manufacturer has specific training sessions for their Neurofeedback equipment. These sessions are vital so you are truly comfortable with that equipment and the protocols that are used on that equipment. The average clinician spends many hours in training to learn a specific method. Training includes positioning electrodes, learning which frequency effects specific symptoms – such as sleep issues – and how to enhance certain areas, such as increasing one’s ability to recall or helping to enhance athletic performance.

Most clinicians have learned one method, and when they have achieved a specified amount of training, they are listed as a provider for that specific method. Some clinicians have taken specific training and education to obtain a BCIA board certification. Others have their Doctorate in Neuroanatomy and are trained in a specific method.

Dr. Diane®‘s Neurofeedback Training Credentials

Dr. Diane® has over 18 years of training and experience in the area of brain health and brain rehabilitation as a neuropsychologist and brain fitness as a board certified sports psychologist.

Dr. Diane® is a professionally trained neurofeedback provider and trainer in the following areas:

  • Over 50 hrs. of BCIA credits (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance)
  • Brain Master – Dr. Tom Collura, Dr. Robert Thatcher
  • EEG Spectrum – Susan and Siegfried Othmer
  • EEG Info- Low Frequency – Susan and Siegfried Othmer
  • LENS – Len Och and Kathy Willis
  • Gamma Coherence- Dr.Kurt Thornton
  • Alpha/Theta – Dr.Nancy White
  • Z Score Training- Dr.Tom Collura, Dr.Robert Thatcher
  • Brain Master Avatar- Penijean Gracefire
  • Neuroguide- QEEG – Dr.Robert Thatcher, Grant Bright, Mike Beasley, Penijean Gracefire
  • Neurofield- Dr. Nick Dorgis, Penijean Gracefire
  • Braintrainer- Peter Van Deusen
  • Swingle Method- Dr. Paul Swingle
  • QDS System- Dr. Eduardo Rocatti- Argentina
  • pRoshi- Chuck Davis and Dr. Victoria Ibric
  • HEG- Dr. Hershel Toomin, Dr. Jeffrey Carmen
  • HRV- HeartMath Training
  • Thought Technology- Dr. Michael Thompson and Dr. Carol Thompson.

Dr. Diane® is a professional member of the following organizations:


Customized and Personalized Training

Lastly, there are a vast number of Neurofeedback providers who want customized and personalize training in a wide variety of methods and would like to know when to use a specific protocols.

Dr. Diane® does not believe that there is one method that provides everything to every person, because she believes each person is unique and each symptom and brain related issue is just as unique as the individual. She decides what method or approach she’ll use based on the Dr. Diane® 5 Prong approach and where the patient is at physically and emotionally on the day she is treating them.

In this personalized training, you will learn the necessary flexibility that should be used when deciding how to treat patients. You would learn specific methods and protocols so you can adapt these methods and treat your clients more effectively instead of using a cookie cutter, one size fits all method.

One Method Doesn’t Fit All

As an example, one of her Neurofeedback patients asked about LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System), because she heard it is supposed to be the most effective method of Neurofeedback, and wanted to know why Dr. Diane® wasn’t using it on her. She explained it’s due to one method doesn’t fit all, even if two patients have the same symptoms or brain related issues. It really depends on the person and their complete background. In this case, it was not the best fit for the patient. She’ll teach to know the difference.

In-Service or Workshop Training

Dr. Diane® provides personalized training sessions in group settings for in-service training of your staff or during an 8-hour professional workshop.

Dr. Diane® offers consultations and training for professionals at all experience levels in Neurofeedback. Training and supervision is also available for new Neurofeedback practitioners at our Boxford, Massachusetts office. We also offer additional training, supervision, and case reviews for the more seasoned professional via web video chat services such as Zoom, or by phone.

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