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Dr. Diane's 5 Prong ApproachFind out what treatments are available to you by the condition you or a loved one is suffering from here, from Acquired to Traumatic.

Brain Health ConsultsIn a brain health consult, Dr. Diane® works with individuals seeking help with brain rehabilitation or brain fitness, specifically in the areas of memory issues, anxiety, sleep disorders, concussion, Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS), Stroke, ADD/ADHD and more, to help them overcome life’s challenges and reach their goals. Learn more about how Dr. Diane® can help here.

NeurobandThe Neuroband (for Neurofeedback), the CES Ultra, and the emWave2 are all excellent products and should be considered. Please click here to learn more about these products.

Sleep ProblemsDo you have problems falling asleep, staying asleep or never feel rested and are always tired? Learn how Dr. Diane® and her team of Brain Health Experts can help! Click here.

Brain FitnessBrain Fitness Training with Dr. Diane® is more than just memory games. Brain Fitness with Dr. Diane®, a neuropsychologist and board certified health psychologist, and her integrative team of brain health experts offer a complete, concise, and personalized program of brain health based on Dr. Diane®’s 5 Prong Approach. Learn more about her approach here.

Brain RehabilitationThe goal of brain rehabilitation is to help you regain a resilient brain and mind, and return your life to its optimal level. Our integrative team of health practitioners draws from the best practices in conventional, traditional, and alternative medicine to help you get your life back. Learn more about our brain rehabilitation here.

NeurofeedbackLearn about Neurofeedback and its uses and about our own unique Neurofeedback product the Neuroband here.

Care ManagementCare Management is a holistic, person-centered approach to caring for elderly and/or disabled adults. If you are a caregiver to an aging parent or spouse, or to a loved one. Learn more about care management here.