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Brain Fitness Training with Dr. Diane® is more than just memory games. Brain Fitness with Dr. Diane®, a neuropsychologist and board certified health psychologist, and her integrative team of brain health experts offer a complete, concise, and personalized program of brain health based on Dr. Diane®’s 5 Prong Approach. This approach to Brain Fitness provides you with customized brain training for optimal brain function at peak performance.

Brain Fitness training by Dr. Diane will get you functioning at peak performance.Like other muscles in the body, the brain has the ability to repair itself, also known as neuroplasticity. To stay physically fit, you would go to a gym and learn specific exercises to strengthen your muscles. Brain Fitness Training is similar. It can be as simple as memory games, such as Sudoko or cross word puzzles or more complex. Dr. Diane® has developed a brain fitness program that is effective and personalized to meet your specific needs in achieving your goal of peak performance.

How Can Brain Fitness Help You?

Using scientifically proven methods along with state-of-the-art cutting edge technology the Brain Fitness Training experts can help you achieve the following results!

Executives – Read More

  • Clearer Decision
  • Mental Clarity
  • Goal Setting
  • Multi-tasking
  • Stress Management
  • Restorative Sleep


Athletes – Read More

  • Anticipatory Anxiety
  • Attentional Skills
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Mental Calm
  • Mental Toughness


Performing Artists – Read More

  • Anticipatory Anxiety
  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Mental Clarity
  • Physical Calm
  • Performance Slump


Adults and Seniors – Read More

  • Short Term Memory
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Recall
  • Auditory Processing
  • Restorative Sleep

Dr. Diane®’s Brain Fitness Training program is an all-inclusive program consisting of the following phases:

A Consult with Dr. Diane®:

A consult is usually 90 minutes in length. It consists of gaining background information for Dr. Diane®’s 5 Prong Approach, a unique individualized program and a determination of whether or not the fitness program is appropriate for you. At the time of booking, the amount of time needed for a consult is determined and all fees are paid at the time of booking your appointment. The cost of a 90-minute consult can be paid with a credit card.


Intake Phase:

Background and information is acquired by each of the various brain fitness health team members.


Assessment & Evaluation:

Scientifically proven methods combined with state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology provide your baseline when starting the program. These techniques include Brain Mapping, Auditory Evaluation, Sound Evaluation, Cognitive, Reading and Memory Function, Body/Brain Function, Nutrition Response Testing and food for brain/body function.


Individualized Program:

Based on your goals for brain fitness, such as better concentration, along with the results from the intake, assessment & evaluation, the team designs your specific brain fitness training program. This part is similar to having a personalized trainer at your sports gym. You will be working with the brain fitness team to attain your specific goal, be it better concentration, focus or overall mental activity.



At the end of the first three months, you and the brain fitness team will re-evaluate your progress toward attaining your goal. This will include repeating the Brain Mapping, Auditory Evaluation, Sound Evaluation, Cognitive, Reading and Memory Function, Body/Brain Function, Nutrition Response Testing and Symptom Survey Form with regard to brain/body function.

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Brain Fitness Testimonials

Dr. Diane® challenged me to take hold of my aspirations and make them happen; all the time channeling my own initiative to achieve my goals. Dr. Diane also engaged others with whom she was working at the time to assist me, and I to assist them. Thanks to Dr. Diane®’s efforts, I have doubled my income in four years; moved up the corporate ladder; and actually recorded a music CD in an effort to launch another means of income and satisfaction.


WARNING: Dr. Diane will not just sit and hold your proverbial hand — Dr. Diane® will challenge you — directly when appropriate. Be prepared to work to reach your goal. If you are truly ready to achieve your dream, then you are ready for Dr. Diane. Even though I am some 400 miles from Dr. Diane® now, I still call her from time to time. Time and space are not a problem. September 3, 2009.


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

– Frank Gorrell, MSA, CPA

Are you ready to get your brain functioning at optimum level?

Let Dr. Diane®’s Brain Training program help you reach new heights! To get started, please call us at (800)500-9971 or submit a contact form.