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Stress Busting Strategies for the Holidays and Beyond

Stress Busting Strategies for the Holidays and Beyond

The holiday season can be demanding. For anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, sleep problems, or any type of brain injury, the holiday season can be downright overwhelming. For some, these feelings come from the frenzy of shopping, wrapping, addressing holiday...

Are You Everyone’s Caregiver?

Are You Everyone’s Caregiver?

If You answered …Yes, then You are probably a mother or father caring for a family, along with being a caregiver to an aging parent or disabled family member. In addition, you are most likely trying to juggle a part time or full time job. “ME time?” When do you have time for yourself?   The answer is…Never. After all, if you are taking care of everyone else, there likely isn’t much time left for you! A demanding job on its own can be stressful. Most caregivers report feeling anxious, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and helpless along with having little or no sleep. Resulting in a vicious cycle of conditions including depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain from injury or inflammation, and/or chronic illness. And despite experiencing symptoms, you still need get up every morning to take care of everyone else. Being a parent today is drastically different than any generation before.  We live in anxious times, with ever-changing technology and social outlets that provide constant opportunities to comparison ourselves to others and to measure our children’s achievements. Being overly protective is the norm. We are bombarded by news stories of school shootings, violence, and disease.  Bullying seems to be more prevalent. We teach about stranger danger, drug abuse and Internet safety at younger and younger ages.  Each day we learn about new





Anniversary of my 5th Concussion & Litigation AdviceBonkTober Morning October 15, 2020, started as a typical workday. I met with my webmaster in the morning to discuss changing the focus of the Dr. Diane® Brain Health website. Following this meeting, I met with a...

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