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Brain Rehabilitation Testimonials

Audrey had three major injuries starting her junior year of high school. She was told she would never graduate college. You can read more in Case Studies of Applied Psychophysiology: Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Treatments for Advances in Human Performance.

Dr. Stoler,
Thank you for my college graduation gift, it really does remind me how far I have come and I could not have done it without your help and support. I will keep your beautiful gift on my desk for years to come and I know I will continue to succeed in life!. Take care and I really do appreciate everything you have done for me.
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- Audrey R.

My name is Christine; we met last October in Columbus, Ohio. We had dinner together, the Thursday night before the Ohio Conference on Brain Injury. I was the one individual who told you that I had Epilepsy. We spoke about nutrition after your seminar.

You had so much valuable information to share. I continue to be energized. I was most interested in the change in diet you proposed. You asked that I try the new diet and e-mail you in two weeks. Well, surely this isn’t two weeks. I apologize for not writing you before. I feel my responsibility goes farther than just responding to you. This change is huge.

I’ve changed my eating habits and the clarity is unreal. Let alone there has been a big change in the daily “balance” I seek. I always knew an abundance of sugar could bring problems, however I never realized (or understood) the correlation between Carbohydrates and sugar. To think that I started each day with cereal!

My seizures are under control to a point. For about 10+ years I have had warnings, usually in the a.m. in the form of twitches or jerks. They may be the result of too much sugar, lack of sleep, my menstrual period or not eating enough food. Any one of those things combined with a situation that is exciting or stressful or missing a dose of medication might also lead to these “jerks”. There is a definite connection between Aspartame and jerks so I have eliminated it from my diet. I take Ativan (as needed) to stop the jerks (and prevent a potential grand mal seizure).

When these situations occurred, I used to be slow to take an Ativan. I felt I could “control” the jerks and I knew I’d be tired later in the day. I also saw it as a sign of defeat.

Since changing my diet I’ve learned that it’s easier to take a piece of Ativan than to try to control the jerks. The few seizures I’ve had have not afforded me the longer warning time I once had. Another change I’ve made is that if I miss a dose of medication it’s best to adjust and work it in. Since changing my diet, the jerks have decreased substantially. I had 3 grand mal seizures in January. That was a lot. However, a few of the reasons above can be given for each one. I have not had one seizure this month. I think I took a piece of Ativan one time.

I am most excited that I wake each morning with so much energy — and I maintain that energy throughout the day! I feel I have the potential to do as much as the next person. I feel like a cloud (I didn’t even realize was there) has been lifted from my brain. I do have to be a little more “heads up” with regard to the items I mentioned since changing my diet. In the past few years I have gained tremendous knowledge about how my Epilepsy affects me. I know (now from experience) that a balance can be achieved with a change in diet. I also know that I only listened to you because you had first-hand experience with what you were talking about. Thank you for your great advice.
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- Christine

I had contacted Dr. Diane because I had a mild TBI in October 2009 and then had post concussion syndrome as a result. I had great difficulty with my balance and vision and experienced all the other symptoms that go along with these two diagnoses. I hit my head eight more times in a short period of time because I wasn’t seeing things as they are and my balance was off.

I cannot thank Dr. Diane enough, and I mean that with my whole heart and soul. The 90-minute phone consult she gave me has changed my life. It was like she had known me for years, and knew the solution to my symptoms and difficulties and was happy to share them with me. I felt much less brain fog from the change in my diet, and I was also able to be safer because I was more aware of what was around me. Her expertise, knowledge, compassion, and caring attitude has given me relief since my TBI. She helped me to function easier in life, and gave me the tools and resources which are assisting my body, mind, and spirit in further healing and enriching my quality of life.
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- Dawn L.

I, Deborah Fulton, hired Dr. Diane Stoler to help with my son’s hearing to explain the problems that could result from a concussion. My son is sentence to prison because of the judicial’s system lack of acknowledge or refusal to accept the injuries that can be caused to the brain from a blow to the back of the head. Even though the results were not beneficial to my son’s case I can state from experience and comparison, it was not due to the lack of diligence and hard work performed by Dr. Stoler. Her own experience seems to have encouraged her efforts to provide help to others more than a personal touch, but a piece from her heart. Her dedication to be a positive partner in society and provide knowledge to those willing to learn will give them better and compassionate person towards those who may need help. I personally would not hesitate to hire Dr. Stoler and am grateful to have had the opportunity to have her on our side, because I know there was nothing else that could have been done on her behalf to help us. I feel Dr. Stoler will provide that help from beyond the normal and average to the experienced and heartfelt.
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- Deborah Fulton

My name is Gail, a 59 year old Mito patient of Dr. Mark Korson. I was originally diagnosed and being treated for Multiple Sclerosis until I developed Myoclonus. I was then sent to Dr. Shoffner in Atlanta by my neurologist where I was then diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease Complex I & III.

The diagnoses process took approximately 5 years. My symptoms which all looked like Multiple Sclerosis began in 2002. For a long period, I was being treated with pain medication for my muscle pain, nerve pain, burning, numbness, migraines etc. I was also on medication for high blood pressure and my myoclonus. After being diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, I finally found Dr. Korson in Boston where I began to get the proper help and direction for the supplements I needed to be taking and suggestions for managing my energy and disease. During this time I had to give up driving for 3 years because my myoclonus was so bad and I was using a cane due to balance issues and weakness.

By chance, I met a wonderful woman while walking the beach on the North Shore. She approached my sister and I as we were collecting shells. We were both walking with canes. She introduced herself and during our conversation asked us what health problems we were having. We told her and she said I can help you, told us her name and said feel free to contact me. Months went by and I decided to call her. Her name is Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler. She is a Nueropsychologist. We started with using neurofeedback to help with my pain, anxiety, sleep and myoclonus. She also used hypnosis to help with pain. It took close to a month using neurofeedback twice a week to start seeing a change. I continued feeling better and after some time my pain and myoclonus had improved so I was able to start driving again. Dr. Diane gave me tools to use I never knew existed – something for depression, anxiety and sleep. Today, through her treatments, coaching, support and teaching, I’ve learned to use hypnosis, meditation, forms of energy medicine and Reiki to help manage my disease. Today I no longer need any pain medications or Blood Pressure medication which I had been taking for years, nor do I need to use a cane . I rarely have pain and have rare episodes of myoclonus, and my balance is good. Dr. Diane not only introduced, treated and coached me with all of these tools along with her team, she also took the time to research what foods were best for my mitochondria as well as what to stay away from to help with my energy.

I know that I have to be disciplined and use all of my tools on a regular basis or I will revert to where I was several years ago. It feels great to be off the medications which cause side effects.

I believe Dr. Diane has so much to share that could help other health professionals and anyone with any type of Chronic Illness. She treats the Mind, Body and Spirit and can show how both Conventional, Complementary and Alternative methods can work together. I’m sharing this because Dr. Diane has been my Earth Angel and I want others to have the same knowledge and opportunities for a better quality of life.
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- Gail N

My son, Noah, started doing neurofeedback with Dr. Diane about a year ago after his pediatrician wanted to put him on medication to help him focus better at school. At that time Noah was disorganized, had trouble staying focused for more than a few minutes, and had difficult processing information at times. This affected his school work, his family and even his social life. As a parent I wanted to do everything I could before going the medication route. So we did Neurofeedback. It has changed his life. He is now focusing much better at school, he is able to do school work now that was difficult before, and he doesn’t have anymore tantrums which he had before. His teachers have seen a big improvement in him. Neurofeedback has truly made a big difference in our lives.
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- Kim K.

Words can’t describe how grateful I am that I met you. I remember the day I met you. You had been seeing my mother for almost a year for her myoclonic jerking and pain and I went in to meet you and learn all the wonderful things you had done to help my mother. You made a world of difference in her life, and by helping her you helped me before I even met you. You gave me my mom back who for years was in pain, and had gotten to the point where she could no longer drive. However, after she met you I saw a change in her. Her pain level went down, and her jerking stopped. I can finally say I have seen my mother smile again. Not to mention, you were the first therapist to ever help mend my relationship with her. There were years of pain between us, and somehow you were finally able to open the waves of communication again between her and I. Not only had you done a wonderful job helping my mother, but then you helped me. In May I went to see you, for my panic attack disorder that had gotten so bad I had to take an emergency medical leave from school. I was having panic attacks two to three times a week often passing out each time because I would hyperventilate so badly. I felt like I had lost hope in getting better. My panic attacks which I had been having since the ninth grade (I am now a senior in college) was an uphill battle for me, and it felt like every year it was getting worse. I currently have only been seeing you since May and it is now August but I have already noticed a world of difference. I have not had a panic attack in two months. I signed up for fall classes and now I can go back to school without having to worry if I am going to have another attack. Between the therapy, the biofeedback, and the Bach flowers I finally have my life back. I honestly believe you are truly a gift from God, and one of the most wonderful people that have ever walked this earth. You have finally given me hope again and brought a new meaning to the tattoo on my back which reads “always have hope”. I have seen many doctors in my lifetime, and I can honestly say I have never met one as wonderful as you. I can see in your eyes how much you care about every client who walks through your door. You are the first doctor that I have ever seen make a call to another doctor right then and there. There is virtually no waiting, and you always keep your promises. I know no one in this world is perfect, but you are damn near close. You are a true inspiration in my life, and inspire me when it comes to my social work career. You are everything I hope to be in a healthcare provider. Also, as a side note, you have some of the most awesome people working for you. Every time I call your answering service they are always so nice and polite and always call back. As for Paul your assistant in biofeedback he is a true gem. He is one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. He’s intelligent and witty, and has the best sense of humor. He’s an incredible person and I feel blessed to have met him. All in all, thank you and as my mother said God bless you.
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- Kristin N.

It has been a difficult journey for me since I suffered a concussion. Within a year of my injury my husband died; I lost my job; the LT disability used the vulnerabilities from my injury to exploit my future, and I received little guidance from my doctors. Then I found Dr Diane searching the Internet. After reading her book I knew what I was experiencing was real and I also knew there were treatments for me. Dr. Diane used her own experiences to develop strategies to treat TBI and PCS. So I personally consulted with Dr. Diane and she not only validated my symptoms, explained the anatomy behind my injury, but she also devised a treatment plan. Using her plan I set out to get the appropriate treatment in my geographical area because I had nobody to help me drive great distances and finances were a factor. This is when I learned that practitioners do not understand as much about head injuries as they claim or they were more concerned with payment than success. If I did not have Dr. Diane to verify what tests and methods are legally and medically appropriate and to keep finding me alternate professionals that are knowledgeable with my given problems I would truly be lost navigating my path for treatment. It is hard enough trying to live day to day by myself given my deficits. Only with Dr. Diane’s help have I been able to continue to pursue better health. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me and everyone suffering from TBI or PCS and for all the medical knowledge she has acquired and shared with all.
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- Betsy Bray

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