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qEEG 50 Channel Neuroband™


The Neuroband™ is Simple to Use, Wash and Reuse!

The qEEG 50 channel Neuroband™ is a headband designed for ­­­50 channel qEEG sensor placements, consisting of a headband, five cross straps, chin strap and 50 pockets.

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The qEEG 50 channel Neuroband™ is a Neurofeedback tool designed for ­­­50 channel qEEG sensor placements to make the process of treating multiple clients simpler and more efficient. It can be used with cup, flat or active snap qEEG electrodes and works with any qEEG system. The Neuroband™ means far less prep, less mess, and less cleaning. This greatly improves the experience for both the patient and the practitioner.

The Neuroband™ is a structure of Velcro straps that can be quickly fitted to any size head. The electrodes are held in chamois pockets that can easily be moved (attached by Velcro) to any part of the Neuroband™. Because this system is so easy to customize, it saves a considerable amount of time when treating many clients throughout the day.

The Neuroband™ is not a Neurofeedback system. Customers should already have a Neurofeedback system, or be planning on getting one.

The qEEG 50 Channel Neurobands are designed for a Neurofeedback practitioner to assess the brain by looking at many different brain waves at once.

To attain good impedance (accurate readings of the brainwaves) you need only spray the pockets with Electro Mist Solution, a saline solution for conductivity. Other Neurofeedback systems involve smearing gritty paste onto the head of the client underneath each electrode, and there can be up to 50 electrodes in some systems!

One size fits all.

Options can be selected at checkout:

  • Snap Electrode Pockets
  • Customized Electro-cap Ribbons


Benefits of the qEEG 50 Channel Neuroband™ :

  • The Neuroband can make a Neurofeedback practice far more efficient by cutting down on set-up and cleaning time.
  • The Neuroband is easy to use! There is no need to part the hair, use neuroprep (a sticky paste), or clean up with alcohol.
  • Clients love that they don’t have to clean gel out of their hair after each session.
  • The Neuroband is quickly adjustable to any head.
  • The Neuroband is easy to wash and reuse. There is no sticky paste to clean out of the band or electrodes.
  • The Neuroband can be applied in one minute or less and removed in seconds.
  • The strapping is lightweight and features high quality English Chamois (felt) electrode pockets.
  • The Neuroband is comfortable to those with skin or head sensitivities.


qEEG 50 Channel Neuroband™ Package Includes:

  • Headband
  • 4 Single Cross Straps
  • 1 Double Cross Straps
  • Chin strap
  • 50 pockets
  • Does not include electrodes


Audrey had three major injuries starting her junior year of high school. She was told she would never graduate college. Audrey graduated both high school and college with honors. You can read more in Case Studies of Applied Psychophysiology: Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Treatments for Advances in Human Performance.

Dr. Stoler, thank you for my college graduation gift, it really does remind me how far I have come and I could not have done it without your help and support. I will keep your beautiful gift on my desk for years to come and I know I will continue to succeed in life!. Take care and I really do appreciate everything you have done for me.

– Audrey R., Essex County, MA

Words can’t describe how grateful I am that I met you. I remember the day I met you. You had been seeing my mother for almost a year for her myoclonic jerking and pain and I went in to meet you and learn all the wonderful things you had done to help my mother. You made a world of difference in her life, and by helping her you helped me before I even met you. You gave me my mom back who for years was in pain, and had gotten to the point where she could no longer drive. However, after she met you I saw a change in her. Her pain level went down, and her jerking stopped. I can finally say I have seen my mother smile again. Not to mention, you were the first therapist to ever help mend my relationship with her. There were years of pain between us, and somehow you were finally able to open the waves of communication again between her and I. Not only had you done a wonderful job helping my mother, but then you helped me. In May I went to see you, for my panic attack disorder that had gotten so bad I had to take an emergency medical leave from school. I was having panic attacks two to three times a week often passing out each time because I would hyperventilate so badly. I felt like I had lost hope in getting better. My panic attacks which I had been having since the ninth grade (I am now a senior in college) was an uphill battle for me, and it felt like every year it was getting worse. I currently have only been seeing you since May and it is now August but I have already noticed a world of difference. I have not had a panic attack in two months. I signed up for fall classes and now I can go back to school without having to worry if I am going to have another attack. Between the therapy, the biofeedback, and the Bach flowers I finally have my life back. I honestly believe you are truly a gift from God, and one of the most wonderful people that have ever walked this earth. You have finally given me hope again and brought a new meaning to the tattoo on my back which reads “always have hope”. I have seen many doctors in my lifetime, and I can honestly say I have never met one as wonderful as you. I can see in your eyes how much you care about every client who walks through your door. You are the first doctor that I have ever seen make a call to another doctor right then and there. There is virtually no waiting, and you always keep your promises. I know no one in this world is perfect, but you are damn near close. You are a true inspiration in my life, and inspire me when it comes to my social work career. You are everything I hope to be in a healthcare provider. Also, as a side note, you have some of the most awesome people working for you. Every time I call your answering service they are always so nice and polite and always call back. As for Paul your assistant in biofeedback he is a true gem. He is one of the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. He’s intelligent and witty, and has the best sense of humor. He’s an incredible person and I feel blessed to have met him. All in all, thank you and as my mother said God bless you.

– Kristin N., Essex County, MA



Q: What is a Neuroband™?
A: The Neuroband™ is a Neurofeedback tool designed to make the process of treating different clients simpler and more efficient. It is a system of Velcro straps that can be quickly fitted to any size head. The electrodes are held in chamois pockets that can be quickly moved (and attached by Velcro) to any part of the Neuroband™. Because this system is so easy to customize, it saves lots of time when treating multiple clients in a day.
As an added bonus, my Neuroband™ does not need the messy Ten20 or Neuroprep neurofeedback paste AT ALL. You will no longer have to apply this paste at any point in a Neurofeedback session. All the Neuroband™ needs is a quick spray of ElectroMist (a conductive liquid medium) on the electrode pockets. This means far less time prepping and cleaning equipment, as well as a much less messy experience for your clients! After the session, there is NO clean-up of the scalp and removal takes literally 2 seconds.

Q: What is the structure of a Neuroband™?
A: The Neuroband™ consists of a headband, a chin strap, and a number of cross straps that cross the top of the head. Both the headband and the cross straps can hold electrodes. The electrodes are placed in chamois pockets with Velcro on one side, which can be stuck to the inside of a cross strap or the headband at any point. The number of cross straps you have will depend on the amount of channels you are using. If you are using more channels, more cross straps will be needed to hold all the electrodes. We have Neuroband™s™ from 1-2 channels all the way up to 50 channels.

The model with 1 cross strap is for 1-2 channel training on top of the head. In the 4 channel training model the one cross strap has Velcro on the ends on both sides.
The model with 2 cross straps is for 1-4 channel training across the top of the head. The model with 3 cross straps allows for 1-19 channel training and 50 channel training.

Q: What do I need to use a Neuroband™?
A: The Neuroband™ is designed to make using any Neurofeedback system easier. You need to have a Neurofeedback system to use a Neuroband™.

Q: How is the Neuroband™ different from an ElectroCap?
A: A Neuroband™ with the custom ElectroCap ribbon does everything an ElectroCap does.
The differences are the following:

  1. You don’t have to buy 3 sizes: The Neuroband™ is quickly customizable to any size head.
  2. There is no need for Neuroprep paste.
  3. You do not need to use gel or buy a syringe, reducing mess.
  4. You need ElectroMist solution.
  5. You wet the chamois pockets with ElectroMist and wet the testing site with a Q-tip.
  6. It takes half the time to put on (4 minutes) and has an impedance of less than 3 Kohms.
  7. It takes 3 seconds to take off and clean up.
  8. It takes 5 minutes to wash before the next client.

Q: Which Neuroband™ should I purchase?
A: This will depend on whether you are a home practitioner or a Neurofeedback provider. Please check out our Neurofeedback page or contact us if you are wondering what variety of Neurofeedback is best for you. Remember that the main difference between the Neuroband™ options is the amount of electrodes they are capable of holding. It is up to you (again, contact us with questions) how many channels you will need.
You can always buy the basic model with one cross strap (The 1-2 channel Neuroband™) and if you need more cross straps or pockets you can order those separately. You will see that option in your shopping cart.
Generally, the 1-2 and 4 channel Neuroband™s™ are for amplitude training, which you can envision as training specific muscles, or brain waves, in the brain. This is better for the home practitioner. The 19 and 50 channel Neuroband™s are usually better used brain assessment and more appropriate for a Neurofeedback provider. Contact us with questions.

Q: Can I use Neurofeedback at home?
A: The answer is yes, but I feel strongly that it should be done at home only under the supervision of an experienced provider. I offer remote home supervision for clients.

Q: What Neurofeedback systems does the Neuroband™ work with?
A: The Neuroband™ works with ALL Neurofeedback systems. If there are electrodes, and it is a Neurofeedback system, the Neuroband™ works.

Q: Why don’t you sell electrodes with the Neuroband™?
A: We don’t sell electrodes as part of the Neuroband™ because the Neuroband™ is designed to improve the experience of using a Neurofeedback system. These systems have their own electrodes: The Neuroband™ helps you to more efficiently tailor the electrodes to an individual head.
However, we do sell individual electrodes and both qEEG and LENS electro cap ribbons in our store.

Q: What kind of impedance readings do you usually get with Neuroband™?
A: 3.0 Kohms and below.

Q: What is the difference between Silver/Silver Chloride and Tin electrodes?
A: Silver/Silver Chloride gives better readings. However, this is not to say that Tin works poorly. Tin works just fine, but if you want the best readings you can choose Silver/Silver Chloride.

Q: What is the difference between the cross strap (NF) – CSP 5006 and the cross strap (QEEG)- CSX5008?
A: The Cross Strap (NF) – CSP has Velcro on one side. This cross strap is for 1-2 channel training on top of the head. The cross strap (QEEG) CSX5008 has Velcro on both sides. This would be used with the 4 Channel, 19 Channel, and EEG 50 Channel Neuroband™.

Q: What software does the Neuroband™ come with?
A: The Neuroband™ is NOT a piece of software or hardware. It is a holder for electrodes. The benefits to using Neuroband™ are that it is a one size fits all headband (so you only need to buy one), it uses ElectroMist solution instead of neuro prep so it is quicker to put on and take off, and it is very easy to clean.

Q: Does the Neuroband™ interface with the Brain Train products?
A: The Neuroband™ is not for gaming. It is for use in Neurofeedback therapy. There are several different computer software programs for Neurofeedback and it is compatible with all of them.

Q: What type of salt do I use for the saline solution?
A: I do not encourage making your own saline solution, you will not get the best results. I recommend using premade ElectroMist solution, which is designed specifically as a conductive spray for Neurofeedback. We sell this in our shop.

Q: Is ElectroMist simply the saline/water/baby shampoo solution in spray form?
A: ElectroMist is a specially designed conductive medium for Neurofeedback. The ingredients are proprietary, but I find it to be better than any homemade saline solution. I used to make my own solution of saline and baby shampoo, but it takes time to get the ratios just right, with annoying suds if I put in too much shampoo. ElectroMist gives better impedance than anything I ever made at home, it comes ready to use, and it is inexpensive.

Q: My daughter hates the paste. Is there any other method of placing the electrodes for OCD ADHD focus manic depressant?
A: The answer is YES. That is why I invented my Neuroband™. You get precise placement without the prep, paste or cleanup. All it takes is a quick spray of ElectroMist onto the lead pockets, which are easily customizable to an individual’s head.

Q: Is it best for each client to have their own cap so I don’t have to keep moving the locations around to fit each person’s head?
A: If the client/patient can afford to purchase their own cap, yes.

Q: How do I clean the Neuroband™? Should I clean it in between clients- how many uses before cleaning?
A: You can clean the chamois pockets with Dial liquid antibacterial soap, making sure to rinse the chamois pockets well. The pockets should be cleaned after each patient/client. You can leave the pockets wet after rinsing for the next client/patient or purchase extra pockets to use.
The cross straps can also be washed with Dial liquid antibacterial soap. However, if you are doing brain mapping, specifically a qEEG, you need to have the headband and cross strap perfectly dry before using again.

Q: Can I use the cap again while the last client’s patches are still wet?
A: You can leave the pockets wet for the next client/patient.

Q: Do the Velcro strips have to be pulled pretty tight to get good impedance?
A: The Velcro should be snug, but not tight. If necessary, you may need to wet the chamois pocket and site you are measuring with ElectroMist to improve the impedance.

Q: What do I do if I am getting poor impedance?
A: If you are not getting good impedance, (under 5), use a Q tip soaked in ElectroMist to carefully wet the chamois pocket and the site you are measuring until you get a lower impedance reading (suggested by Larry and Paul at Discovery Learning Associates). Take care not to get the hair or the band wet between testing sites to avoid salt-bridging, as per the recommendation of Tom Collura at BrainMaster Technologies.



General Information:

If you are in need of general or technical assistance, please call Dr. Diane at 800-500-9971 or send an email to


Every Neuroband comes with a warranty against manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty covers the cost of all parts and labor to fix such an issue.

For Warranty Questions:

Please call Dr. Diane’s Technical Assistance at 800-500-9971. The technical specialists will walk you through the process.


Try our product with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within the 30 days, simply-

  1. Email us at with the following information;
    1. Name,
    2. Phone number,
    3. Reason for return,
    4. Name on credit card used to purchase the product,
    5. Last four digits of the credit card used to purchase the product.
  2. Upon receipt of this information, we will contact you with a Return Authorization number that must be written on the outside of the package.
  3. Please pack the product securely (if product is received to us damaged, a full credit may not be issued).
  4. Please send to: Dr. Diane – Product Return, PO BOX 148, Georgetown, MA 01833.
  5. Upon receipt of the Returned Product, a credit will be issued to your credit card. Please allow 10-14 business days for the credit to appear;
    1. 100% refund for unopened product,
    2. 90% refund for opened product, 10% restocking fee.


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