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Selections CD: Disc I, by Robert Yourell


Selections Disc 1 includes a popular 19 minute Inner Child Sanctuary. Guided experiences, deep relaxation, stress reduction, focused clarity, and subconscious support. Learn more about Robert Yourell’s sound treatments below.

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Treatment Compliance: Our recordings are popular (glowing reviews on, but, more importantly, people use them as an ongoing part of their self-care. Our sounds are not just helpful, but pleasurable.

Wisdom & Recovery: When “hot” (traumatic) memories are transformed (re-encoded) into useful memories, we call this “transforming experience into wisdom.” It may happen spontaneously, it may take therapy, but our recordings are an important part of self-care for many individuals seeking the desensitization and mindfulness that inspires recovery.

Meditation and Inner Work: Robert Yourell & his collaborators create space for practice with bilateral sound, brainwaves, and trance language.

Restorative Sleep: Quality sleep is crucial for recovery. Desensitization experiences, brainwaves, and trance language (each in their own way) can carry your clients gently into sleep. The brainwaves can promote and even reinforce quality sleep.


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