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Dr. Diane

Your brain health expert.

Dr. Diane and her team of experts have the experience,
knowledge and ability to help.

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Are you a veteran?

Dr. Diane can help where others have fallen
short, contact us today.

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Have you suffered
a concussion?

Dr. Diane can help you kick your
post concussion symptoms and
bounce back again, contact us today.

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Coping with brain injury?

Dr. Diane’s books are the result of her more than 35
years as a brain health expert and being a survivor
of brain injury herself.

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Getting better
is no accident

If you've had a fall or auto accident and now
have a concussion or brain injury Dr. Diane
can help you regain your life

Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D.

Neuropsychologist, Board Certified Health Psychologist, Board Certified Sports Psychologist and brain injury survivor. Dr. Diane is one of the foremost authorities in the Brain Health industry.
Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a Concussion or Brain Injury, or recently had an Aneurysm or Stroke? Do you or a loved one struggle with Memory Problems, Sleeping Disturbances, Anxiety or PTSD? There is a Way!®

Dr. Diane is a brain health expert advocating for your specific needs. Whether you need to obtain a personalized treatment program or need someone to speak on your behalf to your doctor, lawyer, or school, Dr. Diane and her team of experts have the experience, knowledge and ability to help. At. Dr. Diane Brain Health, we see you as an individual. Our experts provide a range of a traditional, alternative and complementary treatment methods depending on your unique needs, and work with you to find what works best for your symptoms or problems. Talk with a brain health expert today, and take a step towards a better brain and a happier life!

Let Dr. Diane’s more than 30 years of experience help guide you to a more fulfilled life.
coping with concussion and mild traumatic brain injury

Dr. Diane’s Newest Book

Find Help, Hope and Answers in Dr. Diane’s newest book! This book includes information on sports and blasts injuries!


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