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What if You Could Choose Your Healthcare?

Every day we make choices that impact our lives. We can choose our profession. We can choose where to live. We can choose how to spend our time and our money. But, when it comes to our healthcare, we do not have a choice. The...

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Brain Health – How it Affects Your Life

Brain Health How it Affects Every Aspect of Your Life   What is brain health? You don’t hear nearly as much about keeping your brain healthy as you do about the importance of keeping your body healthy. Yet, what you do to your brain, and how you...

concussions resulting from auto accident in bad weather
Concussions From Extreme Weather Accidents

Concussions, knowingly or unknowingly, can result from automobile accidents caused by the extreme weather conditions our country has been experiencing over the past few months. Blizzards in the West, the Lake effect in the Mid-West, major snow storms in the Northeast, white-out conditions in the East...

Avoid Holiday Stress
Holiday Stress

From the week before Thanksgiving until January 2nd, every day becomes more and more stressful and overwhelming for the majority of the United States, and from December 1st to January 2nd for the rest to the world; this is due to Holiday Stress. Whether you...

image of person with post election anxiety and depression
Post Election Anxiety and Depression

Are you one of the 320 million people who are reacting to the recent presidential election? As you gather, you are not alone. There has never been in the history of U.S. politics a more anxiety inducing pre and post election. Millions upon millions of people...

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Martha Lindsay Health Seminars: Food for Thought

Martha Lindsay Health Seminars: Food for Thought   As I have said many times before, I have worked with Martha Lindsay, MS, CNE, Whole Health Nutrition Educator, for several years, and I have been able to see the rewarding results of her work. I assure you that...