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In Honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month…

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March is Brain Injury Awareness MonthDid you know March is Brain Injury Awareness Month? For the rest of this month, you can receive an autographed copy of Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, normally retailing at $20.00, for just $12.00! To get your discounted copy, visit this page, select the autographed copy, and use the code AWARENESS when checking out at the shopping cart. I want more people to know that there is nothing “mild” about a mild traumatic brain injury. This term solely refers to the to the length of time a person is unconscious or lacks awareness of their environment, which for a mild traumatic brain injury is zero to 60 minutes. Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide to Living with the Challenges Associated with Concussion / Brain Injury describes the most common physical, mental and psychological symptoms of brain injury, explains why these symptoms occur and what can be done to help, and offers practical suggestions for coping with the problem. This book also covers financial, insurance and family issues; the rehabilitation process; and eventual outcomes. CWMTBI is a great resource for brain injury survivors, family members, caregivers and friends, and also anyone working in the field of concussion or brain injury.

Brain Injury Facts

  • Every 9 seconds, someone in the United States sustains a brain injury
  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is any injury to the brain that is not hereditary, congenital, degenerative, or induced by birth trauma
  • More than 3.5 million children and adults sustain an acquired brain injury (ABI) each year, but the total incidence is unknown
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) includes any damage that occurs when an outside force traumatically injures the brain.
  • One of every 60 people in the U.S. lives with a TBI- related disability
  • The annual impact of TBI in the U.S. is significant:
      • At least 2.5 million adults & children sustain a TBI
      • 2.2 million are treated for TBI in Emergency Departments or Trauma Centers
      • 280,000 are hospitalized
      • 50,000 die

Typical causes of ABI include:

  • Electric Shock Infectious Disease Lightning Strike Near Drowning
  • Oxygen Deprivation (Hypoxia/Anoxia) Stroke
  • Seizure Disorder
  • Substance Abuse/Overdose Toxic Exposure
  • Trauma Tumor

There are many causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI):

  • Falls (40.5%)
  • Struck By or Against (15.5%)
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (14.3%)
  • Assaults (10.7%)
  • Unknown (19%)

When someone sustains a brain injury, many people are affected:

  • Survivors and their parents, spouses, siblings, extended families, and friends
  • Healthcare providers, including surgeons, physicians, counselors, rehab therapists, social workers, and personal care attendants
  • Insurance companies that issue auto accident, individual, and group health, disability, life and reinsurance policies
  • Attorneys of all types, including those who handle personal injury, insurance and disability claims, civil rights and discrimination, domestic actions, wills, estates, and trusts
  • Educators at every level, but especially special education teachers and those who prepare America’s future healthcare workforce Government agencies that administer health and social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), and vocational rehab
  • Employers of all types

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