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Restorative Health Cushion


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Imagine sitting on a cozy seat cushion and feeling quick relief from stress and anxiety, while gently rebalancing and restoring the energy flow in the body?  It’s that easy!

Searching for a drug-free way to feel better? There is a Way!

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The Restorative Health Cushion, developed to re-balance and restore harmony to the body’s natural energy flow, provides amazing health benefits by working as both an “energy shield” and as an “energy mirror”. Reflecting the body’s own “energetic portrait” provides favorable conditions for healing and enhancing overall well-being for ALL ages.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work on Orgone energy inspired the development of the Restorative Health Cushion. The theory of Orgone energy is Reich’s reference to the subtle body energy that is part of our manifold being which is negatively affected by both internal and external factors. Using this concept, the blanket’s material acts like an electro-magnetic mirror, reflecting the body’s energy portrait, thus improving the body’s self-corrective ability.

Restorative Health Cushion Uses:

The perfect size (18" x 18") to put on your seat while driving your car or sitting at a computer desk. The cushion will protect your body from EMF while using a laptop computer on your lap.  Perfect for pregnant women to cover their bellies to protect their unborn child from environmental EMF's. It is recommended for almost everyone - and particularly those who have endured recent illness, trauma, or surgery.... and a great size for pets!

  • Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to seasonal allergies, cold, flu with repeated use.
  • Improves recovery period from traumas, injuries, surgery, and common illnesses.
  • Aids in redistributing the body’s energy, which promotes faster healing and encourages blood flow in areas of poor circulation
  • Increases brain wave activity thereby enhancing one’s mood and outlook
  • Protects from harmful electromagnetic fields
  • Reflects the problem areas in the body’s “energy portrait” back on itself, thereby acting as a homeopathic stimulus for immune and healing responses
  • Safe to use, with no complications, or side effects
  • Can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other therapies, fitness, or wellness programs
  • Practical and portable—can be used in the home or office, fitness center, or on the road.

Who Benefits from the Restorative Health Cushion?

Anyone can benefit from the Restorative Health Cushion. The Cushion protects against dangers and hazards of the environment and is especially valuable for newborns and the elderly, however, everyone can benefit from protection and reflection, more energy, and balancing energy flow.

The cushion is used for stress relief, sore muscles, pain relief, sleep disorders, to increase performance, to fight against colds and viruses, to reduce the symptoms of many diseases, to increase blood circulation and relax muscles, as an anti-aging treatment… or just to feel calm, warm and toasty.

Can be used by:

  • Children, who are particularly sensitive to dangers and hazards of our environment,
  • Elderly, who need to increase and preserves their energy resources,
  • Athletes, to maximize their performance and speed up their recovery from sports injuries and traumas,
  • Executives, anyone else with a stressful job, to decrease stress and burn-out.

...and anyone seeking relief from psycho-emotional tension and fatigue; stress and anxiety, constant worry; insomnia; physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion; stiff muscles, chronic muscle pain, and muscular spasms;  high blood pressure; hyperactivity; low energy; and pre- and post-surgery.

How to Use:

Recommended use for the Restorative Health Cushion is one hour before going to bed, or at bedtime. The duration of a session ranges from 15 to 60 minutes, but the optimal duration is generally 30-40 minutes, one to three times per day, based upon individual needs and reactions to use.

Use the Cushion in a quiet and free from outside distractions environment.  Relaxation music, aromatherapy, essential oils, and beeswax candles are highly beneficial.

The Restorative Health Cushion may bring about a feeling of internal warmth and a slight pricking sensation, which is safe and does not bring any discomfort.  Sleepiness and extreme relaxation typically result from using this cushion.  Experiencing a sense of inner peace and calm, that feels something like a meditation, is also a commonly reported.

It is best to be free from wearing any clothing or undergarments containing synthetic material.  Any metallic jewelry and/ or watch should be removed.  Prior to each session, touch a grounded metal object in order to eliminate static electricity.

For orders outside the Contiguous U.S., please email us at

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Benefits of the Restorative Health Cushion:

  • Protects against harmful external electromagnetic fields.
  • Re-balances energy flow and electrical charges throughout the body.
  • Therapeutic exposure to user’s own reflected infrared emissions provides relief from pain, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and more.
  • Cushion size is 18″ x 18″.


Q: How do I store ad clean my Restorative Health Cushion?
A: Store the Restorative Health Cushion at a room temperature in a dry and well aerated place. It is extremely beneficial to expose the Cushion to the direct sunlight at least once a week for 30-45 min. (or longer).

Clean using dry heat only at temperature 120-124 degrees Celsius for 45 min. The Restorative Health Cushion can be used 30 min. after dry cleaning.

WARNING! Under no circumstances should the Restorative Health Cushion be washed in a washing machine and/or dried in a standard dryer as this will destroy its benefits.


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