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The World Creation

by | Mar 25, 2010 | Inspiration | 0 comments

All your life you live within artificial boundaries; that is boundaries not of your own making. As a child, you are told what to do and what not to do. Play this. Sit there. Eat. Don’t do that, it isn’t polite. You are never allowed to explore and discover your own limits and boundaries.

Eventually, the time comes when you are thrust out into the world as an adult and those old boundaries no longer apply. You feel you do not really exist, you have no identity. This is because those boundaries you have known were really those of everyone else around you, holding and directing you along a course of life. You have been living in a part of someone else’s world, not your own. For “the world” is not an infinite, timeless creation, but; in fact, is the situation surrounding each one of us.

At this point in our lives, sometimes it is necessary for us to pull back within ourselves. We need to make our own limits. So, we pull in so tightly that we make our boundaries so that they surround nothing, a void. Where before, there was a sense of being out of control, there is now a sense of emptiness. Now we must begin to create a beginning. From nothingness, you must slowly expand outwards, testing and feeling your way.

First you must expand the boundaries to accept one feeling or experience. Then slowly another and another, to take in the ideas and concepts that were previously too much to comprehend. Eventually, instead of a group of stray feelings and thoughts, you have created your world.

These new boundaries give and take with those of other’s worlds. In a growing expanding world, these boundaries are always moving and adjusting, but when necessary, can become solid and impenetrable.

The hardest thing involved in this “World Creation” is moving that last boundary. This is the one thing that you have always used to draw back against when feeling overwhelmed. When you learn to control the fear of being overwhelmed, you can move this last boundary.

The beauty and miracle of this is that one day you realize you exist and all of you is real and true. You will change and grow with time, always building on the basics you have defined in this first growth process.

~ Linda Whitney, 1985 ~


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