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Brain Computer Interface

by | Jan 4, 2010 | Brain Rehabilitation, Neurofeedback | 0 comments

Brain Computer Interface: Methods of Communicating When You Are Unable To

In an earlier posting, I mentioned the technology of Neuro Sky and their Star War Jedi Trainer.  What I failed to mention was that 2 years ago I met Ray Caamano of iCap Technologies who makes the iCap.  This has a dry electrode that interfaces with software that is used with the “Release Technique”.   He and I have expanded its use to help people with PTSD and the results have been astounding.  The difference in the two technologies is the location on the forehead (Fp1 for Star Wars and Fp2 for iCap).  However, the use is totally different.  Knowing the results I have had with both, I have contacted both companies about how this newer technology could be used to help people who are unable to communicate due to severe brain damage, speech problems or “locked-in syndrome.”

There is technology that inserts an electrode into the brain surgically that shows great potential; however, for many of the patients I have seen, this would cause more trauma to the patient.  Therefore, my goal is to find technology and software which can be placed on the head that will allow the person to convey if they are having a flashback, a medicine reaction, and to emote feelings and be able to have some means of communicating to their caregivers.

Ray was encouraging and said he would get back to me in the next few weeks.  I have two patients who are quadriplegic, who can only blink or raise a hand to communicate.  Their families are willing to work with the team to develop this new method.  I will keep you posted on this.



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