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Burdenko Method Can Change Your Life. It Did Mine!

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Newest Research: Burdenko Method Proven to Help Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

As many of you know, I suffered with chronic pain and physical limitations. Thankfully, once I learned the Burdenko Method, within months, I was relieved of the pain and living my life again. Two years later, I was back to work, walking, running, and dancing without any pain! During that time I co-authored the book, Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury that includes the Burdenko Method. I also went on radio and TV letting people know that the Burdenko Method can change your life.

For those of you who don’t know, I had a cerebral bleed while driving which resulted in a 60-mph head-on auto accident. Five months later I underwent brain surgery. Four years later I was told that I would never walk normally or talk fluently again by every neurologist that treated me. From the 60-mph head-on collision, I sustained physical injuries to my spinal column… 4 cervical, 3 thoracic and 3 lumbar, along with injury to both of my knee caps.

Because of the severity of my brain injury, I was NOT offered any type of physical therapy, because they said it was a waste of time. Thus, having been a pseudo athlete (I had been training for the 500 meters,) I continued the weight training and swimming at Cedardale Health and Fitness Club in Haverhill, MA, although someone drove me and assisted me in the gym. I was in constant pain from my injuries.

While at Cedardale Health and Fitness, I met Beverly Oliver, who at the time was working with Dr. Igor Burdenko in Waterville, NH for their ski team. Seeing my struggle, she suggested, and at one point insisted, that I go see Dr. Burdenko, who she referred to as the “Miracle Man”. She said he was the person who helped Olympic Champion Nancy Kerrigan to come back and also worked with Kevin McKale from the Celtics, as well as many other well-known athletes. I followed Beverly’s advice and went to see Dr. Burdenko, and my life has forever been changed. And so have the lives of the patients I see with cognitive and motor problems, who also work with Dr. Burdenko.

My accident was in 1990, and my return to function again was in 1997. Since then Dr. Burdenko and I have worked as a team to help athletes and everyday individuals regain their life again, as I did mine. Since I am a board-certified sports psychologist many of my patients are from the sports industry. However, the vast majority of my patients I see have some form of brain injury, such as concussion, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

About Dr. Burdenko and the Burdenko Method

The Burdenko Method is an integration of the Six Essential Qualities of human movement for everyday life, fitness, and sport, using a combination of water and land exercise as medicine which can lead people to achieve their goals. This is based on the principles of Fitness Intelligence utilizing Water and Land Exercises in order to achieve optimum results in Rehabilitation, Conditioning and Training.

Learn more about Dr. Burdenko here.

Learn more about Water Therapy here.

Value of the Burdenko Method

  • Placing the body in water and using buoyancy not walking on the floor of the pool
  • The water vest allows proper positioning of your body
  • The water vest and buoyancy allow the vertebrae to open up and send appropriate signals to the brain
  • The proper signal to the brain allows for neural plasticity to occur forming new motor pathways
  • The proper signal to the brain allows for the injured nerves to be heal
  • The water vest allows for flexibility to do weight training and resistance training in the pool
  • The Land-Based therapy provides movement that are in conjunction and in harmony with the aqua based therapy
  • The Burdenko Method works on balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance and speed
  • You should NEVER be in pain while doing an exercise, because the body will never heal
  • With the Burdenko Method you are NOT in Pain.

Why I like the Burdenko Method

  • Easy to use the equipment
  • Relaxing, yet I get a great workout
  • Fluent muscle movement and chronic pain gone
    Helps you think better
  • Given proper posture and alignment
  • Only method that has allowed to utilizes all the muscle in your body from an injury
  • Over the course of 21 years, 100% of all my patients using the Burdenko Method have gone on to regain their lives again.

Burdenko Method Can Help MS Patients

As a neuropsychologist, I work with MS patients to help alleviate MS symptoms using Dr. Diane®’s 5 Prong Approach in conjunction with my integrative team of brain health experts. Some of the treatments methods we use include: Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Hypnosis, and Brain-Healthy diet. We also us the Burdenko Method. Dr. Burdenko is part of the integrative team of brain health experts at my practice.

Although, I have long known the benefits of the Burdenko Method, personally and through the success of my patients, I am very excited to see that recent research shows definitely that the Burdenko Method can help people with MS to regain their life again.
The research detailed below shows positive effects of combined aquatic-land training that could fit into the interests and conditions of people with MS.

Dr Diane can Help!

If you or a loved one have MS and are interested in learning about non-pharmacologic, complementary and/or alternative treatment methods, including Burdenko Method, please contact Dr. Diane Brain Health call (800)500-9971, or fill out an online form to schedule a consultation. The Burdenko Method can change your life!


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